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Huzaifah Fouad
Huzaifah Fouad
City School International
Published On Apr 21st 2011
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What has 'KST' in middle, 'IN' the beginning, 'and' at the end?
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Comments 14
@@F!y@ Nice thinking:D @@f!y@
Feb 4th 2012
Bushra I could guess the answer..whats so hard in that?just join the words and here is your word! Bushra
May 12th 2011
Juvariya Nice 1 Juvariya
May 2nd 2011
Huzaifah The answer is `inkstand`.You can also join the words in the question Huzaifah
May 1st 2011
Aleena Answer.......plz tell Aleena
May 1st 2011
Aisha Yes Huzaifah I also give up now tell us the answer Aisha
Apr 30th 2011
Aleena Yes we have give up! tell answer Aleena
Apr 29th 2011
Huzaifah Do you all give up? Huzaifah
Apr 29th 2011
Huzaifah The answer is easy and my age is 11 Huzaifah
Apr 26th 2011
Aleena Huzifah plz tell the answer? Aleena
Apr 26th 2011
MaazaZafar Huzaifa plzz tell the answer by the wts yr age? Maazazafar
Apr 26th 2011
Aisha I don't know so u tell Aisha
Apr 26th 2011
Huzaifah You guess what will the answer Huzaifah
Apr 24th 2011
Aisha Huzaifah what is the answer to this question. Aisha
Apr 23rd 2011

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