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Asad Junejo
Asad Junejo
Milky Way
Iby The Ibex
Published On Feb 12th 2010
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Hi everyone! I am Iby the ibex but my friends call me 11100. I live with other Ibex In areas all the way eastwards to Sindh, Kohistan. I am built with strong limbs and broad hooves. I am an adult male so I have a spectacularly beautiful silver-white body and a sooty-grey chest, throat and face. I also have a beard but I don’t have to shave like you humans do. My pride is my curved horns which are over 40 inches long. (The world record is 52.5 inches long). My wife is beardless and has short curved horns that curve
We ibex like to stay together and we generally live in large groups called herds. I live with my parents, my wife, our children and all our aunties and uncles as do most of the other ibex. However, some of my male friends live separately in small groups of fifteen or twenty.
I love to eat grass and other plants that are found in the mountains where I live. Scientists call my food xerophytes vegetation” which means plants that grow in dry, mountainous areas. They can call it what they like: I’m only concerned with eating!
Young ibex are born during the months of January to March. These days I am very excited because I am waiting to play with all the little ones. They are so cute!
My friends and I climb up the steep slopes of the rugged mountains very quickly and easily. Don’t worry we won’t fall off. We are extremely sure-footed and have a wonderful sense of balance.

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Comments 5
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Zernab Amazing!Please comment my Poem 'The World'.Write more Zernab
Mar 8th 2010
Zernab You are writing good.Write more!Excellent! Zernab
Mar 8th 2010
Izza Amazing story! superb! Izza
Feb 27th 2010
Kamran Interesting story! keep it up Kamran
Feb 12th 2010

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