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Hibba Haq
Hibba Haq
Lahore Grammar School
My First Day In School
Published On Feb 1st 2014
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February 2014

Rank 9 Out of 10
My first day in school, a note,
That I personally wrote,
Said it was not good,
As it did not fit my mood,
i didn’t understand my history lecture at all,
i wandered i was playing outside with a ball,
The morning was a sunny one,
But my mood was not a good one,
I was taken to the principal's office: a dump,
Just because I didn’t tie my hair up,
My teachers were too horrible,
Just like monsters are terrible,
I had many jesters in my class,
But we had to learn capacity and mass,
My two friends were the best,
They did not want me to rest,
I told my mom the whole story,
She said she was too sorry,
And said we would enjoy in Murree,
As we would be study-free!
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Comments 95
Nimra Well sorry sorry bushra i just read your cmnt on your own joke (''whats the matter''). I have replied your comment there. Let's talk there for details. Nimra
Oct 16th 2016
Nimra Ok but Bushra hafeez, vshine is a public place i can't tell you the details here. If you can tell me your details than sure no problem. Nimra
Oct 16th 2016
Bushra Hafeez Hey nimraa tell me ur details on fb i will add u Bushra Hafeez
Oct 9th 2016
Nimra Heyy so you done with Finals? My last is on 13th may. I missyouu yaarr. :/ V shine is getting boring day by day. :3 Nimra
May 4th 2016
Nimra Oh okay. :) by the way, 9th is not O1, actually 10 is O1 and 11 is O2. :) Nimra
Feb 22nd 2016
hibba Heyy Nimraaa dear u got a misunderstanding here.. Actuaallyy I wrote O1 which means grade 9th(Olevels). I'm not in grade 1 :)) Hibba
Jan 12th 2016
Nimra Oh hibbaaa thats was really greatt dear. Keep it up. :D Actually we dont have positions in our school. :) anywayss ab to 8 main be promote hogai !st Assessments be hogae. Ab Midterm in Dec. :'3 so i dnt remember my class 7 finals percentage. :p Opened vshine after so longgg :o Hows everything going? :D And wht abt studies? :p ;) By the way if you don't mind then let me tell you. I am quite elder from you. You are in class 1 and I am in class 8 so I guess you should say me baji. Though i don't like my youngers to call me baji or Api but still it feels good when you RESPECT your elders. :) So Better Do think about it.! :) And sorry if you find me rude. I am not rude at all. I just cleared my point of view. :) Nimra
Oct 23rd 2015
hibba Nimra i'm done with finals. Got first position ^_^ I've been promoted to O1. WHAT about u? papers ka kea bana? Hibba
Jun 15th 2015
Nimra Thanks Bushra Hafeez :) oh sorry hibba i don't remember the date.. :p kher whats goingg on..? itne dino k baad maine vshine khola hai.. but still Finals are on head. :'( 15th ko mera 1st paper hai and 27th ko lastt >_< this time my papers will finish so late :'( are your finals started hibba.? if know then when will they start.? :P and when will they end.!? Nimra
May 9th 2015
hibba Nimra when is school opening? Diya suree! :) Hibba
Jan 6th 2015
DIYA I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Will you be my friend...... Diya
Dec 27th 2014
Bushra Hafeez W0ww cngrtx dear Bushra Hafeez
Dec 24th 2014
Nimra Finally freedom..! :D azaadi atlastt ;) yayy :D em too happy.. today was my last paper instead of wednesday..! :'D :p ;) :) Nimra
Dec 22nd 2014
Nimra So what's up..? ;) em busy in my midterms since 15th dec.. wo to aj sat tha and weekend be hai so vshine khol lia.. wednesdayy ko last paper hai..! (24th dec) :D Nimra
Dec 21st 2014
hibba :) yupp Hibba
Dec 7th 2014
Nimra Thanks dear .. :* and yeahh Ameen :'D :) Nimra
Dec 5th 2014
hibba AWWWWWWWW HAPPY BELATED BDAYYYYY! :* may u be happy n hv success always! :) Hibba
Nov 27th 2014
Nimra U knw wht yesterday (saturday 22nd nov) was my birthdayy and i ws too happyy..! :'D :') ;) Nimra
Nov 23rd 2014
hibba Nothing much boredom Hibba
Nov 20th 2014
Nimra Oh gud..! :) so whts going on these dayss..? ;) Nimra
Nov 17th 2014
hibba I got all A*s :) Hibba
Nov 14th 2014
Nimra So what was ur result..? u didnt tell me..?? :o :D :) ;) and yeahh thankyouu dearr for appreciating..! :') :* :D ;) Nimra
Nov 13th 2014
Nimra Hmm ohh..! :D :) Nimra
Oct 26th 2014
hibba Wow!! that's awesome my result's in a week :) Hibba
Oct 22nd 2014
Nimra Today ws my result nd em soo happy..! :D :p :v i got 82% Allahumdulilah..! ;) :) :') :D :p Nimra
Oct 17th 2014
hibba Woo!! Hibba
Oct 15th 2014
Nimra Aww..! :p my r already don..! :D Nimra
Oct 13th 2014
hibba Everything's goin' fine My monthlies r starting frm monday :) What abt u?? Hibba
Oct 11th 2014
Nimra Ywr i cant find u on fb..! :p :'3 so whts up..? whts going on these dayss..? ;) how r ur studies goingg..? :p :) Nimra
Oct 9th 2014
hibba Kher mubrk!! Hibba
Oct 7th 2014
Nimra Eid Mubarak Hibba..! :* :) :D ;) ^_^ Nimra
Oct 6th 2014
Nimra Eid mubarak to u..! :) :D :* Nimra
Oct 5th 2014
Nimra Ohk i wl search u again..! :p :) Nimra
Oct 4th 2014
Nimra Ohk i wl search u again..! :p :) Nimra
Oct 4th 2014
hibba I've set a trip group photo of mine in school uniform :) Hibba
Oct 3rd 2014
Nimra Ahaah lol ok..! :p is there any pic of u..!? :o i searched u bt i didnt find ur id there were so many hibba haqs.. xD..! :p Nimra
Oct 3rd 2014
hibba Hahhah same name and miss u too :* Hibba
Sep 27th 2014
Nimra Where u lost ywr i miss u..! :* :p :) Nimra
Sep 25th 2014
Nimra Ahaah lol samee..! :D so whts going on these days..!? ;) well by which name r u on FB..? :) ;) Nimra
Sep 21st 2014
hibba Oh Okay :) But i luv mathssss !! aND islamiat is also very easyyyyy :D Hibba
Sep 21st 2014
Nimra Ohk i wl find u on FB :) ;) hawwnn i hate maths yukhh -_- my hobby is to collect coins and internet..! :p :D well i dnt have only 1 fav colour i have many..! :D but the most i like is Pink than purple than many others..! :p ;) and yess my fav subject is English and Islamiat..! :) Nimra
Sep 20th 2014
hibba Nimra.. LGS means lahore grammar school I have FB :) my names the same and pic of shoes :) My hobby's reading and internet!! and fav colour's PURPLE!!! omg i luv it xD and my fav subjects is maths!!! Algebra! I luv it.. and what about U? Hibba
Sep 18th 2014
Nimra Ohkk..! :p :) ;) well whts the full form of LGS i mean wht does it meann?? :P :D ;) anyhow em of 12 and in grade 7 study in Progressive Public School Karachi , Pakistan..!? :) ;) :p so r u on facebook?? :o ;) and yess so whts ur hobby whts ur fav subject and fav colour..?? :D ;) :) Nimra
Sep 16th 2014
hibba Nimra i live in wah cantt study in grade 8th pre O levels and in LGS :)what about U? im 13 :) Hibba
Sep 15th 2014
Nimra Haha acha oh thanks for being my friendd..! :D have u accept my requestt?? :P :o ;) so can u introduce ur self i mean in which class and school u r..!? and whts ur age and where do u live?? ;) :) Nimra
Sep 14th 2014
hibba Aina i am :) Hibba
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Plz talk with me Aina
Sep 11th 2014
hibba O thts really great nimra and im one of ur friends now :)) i also luv tht line xD ;) :D hahaha Lol Hibba
Sep 10th 2014
Nimra Hey hibba well em the new one for u but actually im old one on vshine..! :) :P so anyhow i just wanna say u that if u wanna be my one of the best friends so plz accept my request and start taliking to me..! :) ;) hope u understand clearly wht i ma trying to sayy..! :) :p ;) oh yes and abt ur story i wanna say nice attempt funny one..! ;) :) :D i luv that line abt teacherss xD ..! :P :P ;) :D Nimra
Sep 9th 2014
hibba Aina , i really live in wah cantt and study in LAHORE GRAMMAR SCHOOL :) Where do ur cousins live? and sorry for late reply :) and i dont understand wht quiz or test r u talking about?? Hibba
Sep 6th 2014
AINA Hibba plz answer me i want to question u that r really living in wahh cant there r my cousins in which school r u so that i could tell them plz or should not tell them Aina
Sep 4th 2014
AINA How r u hibba and in which school and class u r and how many brother sister r u Aina
Sep 4th 2014
AINA One thing to remeber that tomorrow my perents r coming so plz dont msg tomorrow saturday,sunday and monday u will do this every week Aina
Sep 4th 2014
AINA Hibba how did u pas the test can u plz tell me i want to take idea from u bcoz when i was giving the test there were too much confusing questions in me and my sister do it but 4 my do it was crrect and other i did it it was wrong the test which u have taken is same to all of us or it changes Aina
Sep 3rd 2014
AINA In which class u r and r u really living in wahh cantt there r my cousins also:) :> Aina
Sep 3rd 2014
hibba Im f9.. u tell bismah.. How r u? and is school started? wht class r u? Hibba
Aug 24th 2014
Bismah Good...... how r u? Bismah
Aug 22nd 2014
hibba Dua there r negatives and positives in a poem always... so it had to be like that :) and i didnt at all mind :) thnxx for pointing this out :) Hibba
Aug 10th 2014
abeera Nice,good and congrats but I'd like to point out the terrible teachers and the principle's office. I think it was a bit rude so please respect your elders even behind their back but still sorry if it hurt your feelings. Abeera
Aug 5th 2014
hibba Thanku fatima! luv u! u r great! Hibba
Jun 17th 2014
Fatima Congratulations Hibba!!! I also saw this poem in the may magazine. From magazine I saw your name and then I sent you friend request Fatima
Jun 16th 2014
hibba Wht u wanaa say eman ??? i dont understand :( Hibba
Jun 6th 2014
eman Kahan ho ! batiy to kr lo Eman
Jun 3rd 2014
hibba Thnku! Hibba
May 15th 2014
Tooba Great Tooba
May 7th 2014
hibba :) soha ty Hibba
Apr 6th 2014
Soha Disappointing match :'(! But green shirts we still luv U <3 Soha
Apr 2nd 2014
Ariba Gooood Ariba
Mar 31st 2014
hibba Ty soha Hibba
Mar 30th 2014
hibba Ty soha Hibba
Mar 30th 2014
hibba Ty soha Hibba
Mar 30th 2014
Soha A good one......I liked it :) Soha
Mar 29th 2014
hibba Thnku everybody and especially aeman samia luv u Hibba
Mar 29th 2014
samoona Really fabulous ,keep it up Samoona
Mar 28th 2014
Mar 27th 2014
hadia Its nice Hadia
Mar 27th 2014
laiba Nice attempt ......... Laiba
Mar 26th 2014
khansa Cooolll!:) :) :) :) :) Khansa
Mar 25th 2014
suhaib Cool!!!! Suhaib
Mar 22nd 2014
DIYA Wonderful I love it Diya
Mar 18th 2014
wajeeha This peom is excellent tooo good :) Wajeeha
Mar 16th 2014
elsa Congratulations Elsa
Mar 15th 2014
aeman This was like the best ever poem i had read.....good job Hibba...keep it up .....and congrats.. Aeman
Mar 12th 2014
princess Nice Princess
Mar 10th 2014
hibba Thnx afifah , hijab and ahmad luv u all :) Hibba
Mar 9th 2014
Ahmad Nice poem and congratulation on being the winner Ahmad
Mar 8th 2014
Hijab Ahan!! nice Hijab
Mar 7th 2014
afifah Nice poem, congrats for winning! Afifah
Mar 7th 2014
hibba Yes hakim i wrote it all by myself :) i love writing poems :) and i got the idea of writing on this topic by my school :) and thnku all :) Hibba
Mar 2nd 2014
hakim Masha Allah great if really u have written it then I solute u my younger sister....Allah bestow his blessing on u,,,,and keep it all. Hakim
Mar 1st 2014
hibba Nhi shrarti nhi hoo mgr ye mazay k liyay likhi thi :) Hibba
Feb 22nd 2014
Bismah Wonderful! is it true? agar haan to shararti to ho just saing as a freind Bismah
Feb 18th 2014
hibba Thnx everybody :) Hibba
Feb 8th 2014
Junaid Nice try... keep it up.. :) Junaid
Feb 4th 2014
Ushna Its good :) Ushna
Feb 4th 2014

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