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Ushna Umar
Ushna Umar
Da Model High School Phase 4
The Lost Cub
Published On Feb 3rd 2014
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One upon a time there was a wide land filled with pleasures of nature. On the right side was the bank of a river & on the left were never ending patches of greenery and the front view was of a volcano that had not been erupted since many years. Dangerous but full of beauty it was and all the animals had been dwelling in this place for a very long time.
One faithful day when the weather was at its glory, on the year’s hottest day the volcano errupted. All the animals from tiny ants to gigantic elephants, hippos etc ran to save their lives. Among them was a She bear that had a cub in the cave. The cub was only a day old so he could only walk and could run a little. Earlier the bear had went out to grab food and the little cub was in the cave and in this time interval the volcano erupted and the lava flew everywhere. The bears cave was huge and high so the lava had only yet surrounded the cave and not entered it. The little cub began to yell for help and said "Mommy help me! It’s getting hot and I am scared!"
The mother bear ought to go but she was big and on a high hill. Till now the lava had stopped and the volcano had calmed but the cub was still in the door of the cave surrounded by lava. The mother bear yelled for help but no one listened and all the animals ran beside her until a little sparrow came to her and asked in hurry words
"What wrong bear? why aren't you moving back with the herd?"
The bear said "Oh little bird my baby is trapped in the cave and no one is helping and I can't go that far"
Hearing the bear the bird flew immediately and begin to throw stones in the way to make a path for the cub. But it wasn't an easy task for the bird was small and could lift only little weight but she still kept doing it.
Seeing this sight all the animals laughed and made fun of the bird. One hippo said:"Look at that.. That bird can't even lift a little weight"
All animals were laughing until one flamingo said "Have you not have a little shame! That little bird is not the size of your paws and claws yet her soul is worth all of yours!"
Saying that she flew and begin to help. All the animals felt ashamed but they took their steps forward and begin to help to. And little by little they succeeded and the cub hugged his mother. The mother bear thanked all of them and blessed the sparrow and the flamingo. They all migrated to a happier place where they all helped each other and lived peacefully.
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Comments 6
Amal Nice.…........ Amal
Feb 12th 2014
unaiza A very good moral based story.. Unaiza
Feb 11th 2014
Ushna I don't think so but thank you for ur kind thoughts :) Ushna
Feb 8th 2014
MARYAM It was awesome Ushna I'm sure you would be a winner. Maryam
Feb 7th 2014
KHAN Nice Khan
Feb 7th 2014
sofia Nice but need more attention Sofia
Feb 4th 2014

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