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Aisha Abdul Quddus
Aisha Abdul Quddus
Bright Future Pakistani International School
A Dog Gave Me A Bite
Published On Apr 21st 2011
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Last Sunday night     
A dog gave me a bite
He thought that I was his diet
So I ran in fright
Running, running, running
I came to an old house
In it someone was crying
It was a cute, little mouse
I asked him for his name
And also to play a game
He told me his name Harry
And he also wanted to marry
He wanted a beautiful bride
And also a place to hide
That's the reason he was crying
I asked him "please stop crying"
I will find you a beautiful mouse
And also a nice and cosy house
Now Harry was glad
He wasn't much sad
I was also glad
Because I found a friend not very bad
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Comments 41
(^_^) Hey khadija!! i also live in multan. but here u say u live in multan but in ur screen its written qatar. (^_^)
Aug 30th 2012
Sep 27th 2011
Sep 20th 2011
iman By the way we have studied estimation and approximation som long...i think in class 4 and 5......and u r suding it now .........what ever Iman
Sep 20th 2011
l Iman,which syllabus are you reading.... and which is your science book(author and name),maths and urdu please reply me... L
Sep 17th 2011
l Iman,sorry for late reply,Iman we are reading about approximation and estimation...We have read angles so long And what do you mean by you red angles in lil high level....please plzzzzzzzzz reply are of my class but you are still reading what we read in class 4.... L
Sep 17th 2011
iman A.O.A Khadija!....I want to know that what are u studying in maths these days.....well we r studying angles...(angles of a lil high level, i can say)....plzzz do ans soon........... Iman
Sep 14th 2011
iman also very means very very i cant sit on computer much or everyday ....but i,ll try my best!........=)! Iman
Sep 13th 2011
Aisha Iman, i am replying regularly i mean i check this poem everybody but no reply from you.... but now my schools are open from today so now i will be busy but i will try my best to didn't answer me..... Aisha
Sep 11th 2011
iman And i wasnt replying u from many days because my school was opened on Mon.....and if before this u said me anything and i didnt replyed.....cuz of eid and the...preparation of the school(bags,pens e.c.t.) ...........but plzz now do reply me!! Iman
Sep 11th 2011
iman A.O.A Aisha!..where are u???...why not replying????......answer me soon...ohhhhk???........ Iman
Sep 11th 2011
Aisha Yeah Iman I also like movies made for kids like Animated ones like toy story, ice age and others. Can you you tell me some of the movies you have watched, if we have both have watched it then we can discuss about it...... Aisha
Sep 10th 2011
iman & what about u??????????? Iman
Sep 10th 2011
iman Yeah....but i only like that moviesc which have suspense and r a lil kiddy means for kids Iman
Sep 10th 2011
Aisha Ok Iman do you like to watch movies.... Aisha
Sep 3rd 2011
iman I didnt minded Iman
Aug 29th 2011
l OK Iman,if you dont want to tell so ok,Dont tell,Sorry if you minded............And of course i knew ur age,class and school coz i viewed your screen................... L
Aug 28th 2011
iman So tell me about u Khadija. Iman
Aug 28th 2011
iman .But am sorry i cant tell u...u know that in which class i study n my skool..u know that i live in what else u want..but i cant ans ur this ques!!! Iman
Aug 27th 2011
l Iman i am asking coz i also live in Multan!!.............. L
Aug 27th 2011
iman Why r u asking this?????..... Iman
Aug 26th 2011
l Thanx Iman,Where do you live in Multan???? L
Aug 25th 2011
Aisha Same here my fav author is also Enid Blyton.. How many brother and sister you have... Aisha
Aug 24th 2011
iman Ummmmmmmmmm........there r many authors.....Enid blytons!!! Iman
Aug 24th 2011
Aisha Iman actually i already told you my age but still i am repeating that i will be 13 this month. Which authors books you mostly read. Aisha
Aug 24th 2011
iman Khadija u r already my' FRIEND'!!!! Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
iman Yeah why not Khadija!!! Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
iman & Aish plzzz tell that whats ur age????????????? Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
iman Yeah i love to read books n am 11 !!!! what about u?????????? Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
Aisha Iman wats your fav color and when your birthday. Do you like to read books Aisha
Aug 22nd 2011
iman & now plzzz tell , that whats ur age??????????? Iman
Aug 22nd 2011
iman My fave hairstyle is pony tail,fave dress is jeans shirts,t.shirts with jeans capri e.t.c.My fave books r many.Magazine is V SHINE!!!! My age....u can say 11!!! Iman
Aug 22nd 2011
l Hi Iman!!!I am Aisha's sister KHADIJA.Please can I be your friend because I am just of ur age.I am also in sixth class.And u please reply me also !!!!!!!........ L
Aug 22nd 2011
Aisha My fav hairstyles are layer cut and ponytail. My fav dresses are jeans and long kameez with trousers. My fav color is navy blue. My fav book is Diary of a Wimpy kid. And magazine is obviously V Shine. Now u tell about your fav on these things and wats your age and when is your birthday. Aisha
Aug 22nd 2011
iman As i have told u that my fave foods r pizza(of pizza hut),zinger(KFC) e.t.c. Maximum all fast foods n i also like cakes!!!....hmmmmm...what should i ask u?????..........OKAY..........whats ur fave hairstyle, dress,color,book & magazine????????...reply earlier!! Iman
Aug 21st 2011
Aisha My fav food is ummm.......biryani, turkish food, tikkas and all types of fast food including Pizza, KFC and Mcdonalds.Wats your? Aisha
Aug 21st 2011
iman Okay!!!...u can visit my screen & know all the things about me...but somethings r missing there but i will add them today. They r that i have style and a gud voice(thats why i was selected for the comparing),i love to participate in curricular & non curricular activities.I love to talk in front of people.Am caring,lovely.Am not at all small hearted .In have written that am very creative n i do creativity in every thing.I love to discover things.I have wisdom.I love cleanliness.Yeah am really imaginary!!!.......Thats all!!!!..........Well, whats ur fav food?????? Iman
Aug 21st 2011
Aisha I am 13 this month, currently studying in 8 but after holidays in O levels. I am also really talkative. i also have a good voice and style of speaking so i love to do speeches and debates(and won competitions too). I am really creative and imaginary. In my imagination i can do anything and it is my imagination which let's me write these wonderful poems and stories. i am really caring of what's going around me. i cannot sustain something dirty around me and i am a bit short-tempered too. This is what i am Aisha
Aug 21st 2011
iman A.O.A Aisha!!! Thnx for liking my poem!Well ,I study in class 6,i live in Pakistan,I have a very nice nature,I love to read books,my fav magazine is V SHINE!!My fav food is zinger pizza e.t.c.I like to have friends.I have a very gud & friendly personality.I have wisdom.Am really gud at my studies....this is a lil about me now u tell me about u & ur personality.Plzz do ans soon.... Iman
Aug 21st 2011
Aisha Iman, Thanx for liking my poem. Yeah, sure we can talk here. Plz tell me about yourself and your personality. I loved your poem girls rock. It was awesome. In which city do you live? And do reply earlier... Aisha
Aug 20th 2011
iman A.O.A Aisha!!!...really a very good poem...keep it up...Aisha thnx for accepting my friend request.....can we talk here ....cuz i can see no comment ...plzzz...and plz do reply...i will see ur poem everyday and we will ans eachothers ques...okay?????...Aisha plzzz do reply!!!!!....I will see u!!!! Iman
Aug 20th 2011

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