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Munnam Siddiquie
Munnam Siddiquie
Ahmad And The Poor Boy
Published On Apr 21st 2011
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Once upon a time Ahmad came outside the school and saw a poor boy who was sitting on the road. Ahmad was eating an ice-cream, suddenly that poor boy came ahead and said to Ahmad, please give me a rupee with the name of Allah, Ahmad said go back and don’t touch me poor boy, his friends said Ahmad don’t behave like this but Ahmad did not listen and went at home. After a few days, he felt very upset, he told his mom about the scene of that day, his mom said, go and say sorry to that poor boy. Ahmad went there and found that poor boy. That poor boy was looking here and there suddenly a car come and hit Ahmad, the road boy came and picked up Ahmad and went to hospital. After some time Ahmad opened his eyes and looked that boy, the doctor said this boy fetched you in time, otherwise you would die, Ahmad felt very shame.
So kids I hope you will become good children.

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Comments 1
Anam Very nice and touching story Anam
Nov 22nd 2013

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