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Murtaza Jawed
Murtaza Jawed
Model Academy
City Of Lights
Published On Feb 12th 2010
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There is great hustle bustle at Cantt. Station, Karachi. The red-coated collies are yelling, “Cholo, chalo,” while passengers, loaded with trunks and bedrolls, are trying to clamber aboard the train. This city was not always known by its present name. Historical records also mention It as Kurrachee, Curachee, Crochey, Krotchey Bay, Caranjee and Koratchey. An interesting legend tells us how this city got its name. Many hundreds of years ago there lived a beautiful dancing girl called Kalachi. She lived in a little fishing village on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Boatmen, caravan traders, poets and travelling singers spread stories of her charm and grace far and wide. As Kalachi gained fame, more people came to see her. The village grew into a busy harbour and became known as Karachi. Over the years, ships and sailors from all over the world docked at these children. It is believed that Alexander the Great general, Nearchus, set sail from Karachi on his way back to Syria. And the first Muslim pilgrims of the subcontinent started their voyage to Mecca from here.
Today, Karachi is not only Pakistan’s most important seaport; it is also its largest city with a population of more than eight million people. Pollution, overpopulation, water shortage, unemployment are just a few of its problems. Karachi is a dream city for many people from all over Pakistan who come here to seek their fortune. In spite of all its poverty and problems there is a charm - an exciting aliveness — about Karachi that is unmatched by any other city in the country.

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Comments 5

May ALLAH make it city of light in real.

Jul 1st 2010

Dear Murtaza, Please give me your e mail address mine is.......

(Publishing Id’s is not allowed in V SHINE Admin)

Jun 14th 2010

Murtaza yours english is very good and your historical backgound about Karachi is considerable! Keep it UP!!!!!

Apr 22nd 2010
Zernab Murtaza you are writing well.Excellent!Please comment my poem'The World'.Try writing more. Zernab
Mar 8th 2010

good job

Mar 6th 2010

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