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Bisma Sara
Bisma Sara
Department Of Microbiology..! University Of Karachi
Humourous Moments
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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There is nothing wrong with witty talk and joking, if it is truthful and is not done to make fun of any person or group.
The Prophet (peace be upon Him) used to joke but he never said anything except that which was completely true. But if it involves telling lies, then this type of humour is not permissible, because the Prophet (peace be upon Him) said: "Woe to the one who speaks and lies in order to make people laugh, woe to him, woe to him."
(Abu Dawood:4990)
The Old Woman of Jannah
Once an old woman came to the Prophet (peace be upon Him) and asked: "O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that I enter Paradise." The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said jokingly: "O Mother of So-and-so, no old women will enter Paradise."
The old woman was shocked! She turned around and sadly began to walk away. Just then, the Prophet(peace be upon Him) said: "Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman(meaning that she will enter Paradise but as a beautiful young woman)."
(Reported from Shamaa'il Tirmidhi,238)
May Allah grant all of us the power to beware of lying! Amen
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Comments 6
MARYAM Aameen Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
Tooba NiCe Tooba
Jan 16th 2014
Bisma :) Bisma
Jan 4th 2014
Irum Sooo trruue, buddy.. Irum
Jan 3rd 2014
Bisma Exactly Ayesha :) Bisma
Jan 1st 2014
Asiya Great one. I always like the old woman event of the prophet!! We shud also joke like this , but not tell lies Asiya
Dec 29th 2013

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