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Muhammad Usama
Muhammad Usama
Aga Khan School, Kharadar
The Family Meal
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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The sun was about to set and the sunrays were becoming fainter by each passing minute. I was quietly sitting on the sofa and reading a fascinating book. All the other family was gossiping about random subjects, after the party had ended.
“…Well it’s getting late, I have to prepare the food, press the clothes and wash the dirty dishes. I’d better be going now.” my mother said.
“Wow that’s a lot of work, do you need any help?” my aunt asked.
“No, there’s no need to help. I’ll do it myself.” replied my mother to my aunt.
“Wait! Since it’s your birthday today, so I’ll make a special dinner for everyone. It will be a night that no one shall forget.” my grandmother said gleefully to everyone in the room.
“Um, okay.” my mother replied.
As soon as I heard this, I smelled trouble. Our dear old grandmother was quiet forgetful and I knew that something would go wrong while she makes dinner.
Granny went in the kitchen, and started to pick out all the ingredients and the utensils that were required to make her special dinner. I went to the kitchen and approached to her from behind and asked her, “Grandma, what are you making?” and she replied, “Do you really want to know?” I nodded in response. She said, “I’m making boiled snails with fried scorpions and a cockroach cocktail. Ah! Just kidding.” she came closer and whispered in my ear, “It’s a secret!” so she wasn’t going to tell me.
An hour had already passed and she was still cooking. Everyone was now waiting impatiently. It was Eight O‘clock already and still the food wasn’t anywhere near cooked. All of a sudden my brother’s stomach started to growl and we all laughed at the same time.
Another half hour had already passed when grandma’s voice started to echo in the whole house, “It’s ready, come and eat!” I ran and came at the table. I was the first person to arrive. I properly sat at the table and started to wait for the food to arrive. After sometime the food finally arrived. There was Biryani, Pulao, Korma, Sweet meat, rice etcetera. I recited my prayers and started to eat the biryani. I had just put the first spoon in my mouth when it felt sweet.
“Yuck! Why does this biryani taste so sweet?” I quickly inquired from my grandmother.” “Oh, it can’t taste that bad.” And after grandma said that, she took a spoonful of biryani and ate it. She then made an expression that meant she didn’t like it either. She said to me “Okay, try something else”. But before I could my aunt said “the zarda is just plain colored rice.” ”And this sweet meat is so salty!” My sister said. “And where is this smoke coming from?” yelled my father.
“Grandma, could you possibly have left the stove on?” I asked and she replied, “Oh, I’m not that silly.” I then quickly went in the kitchen and yelled, “There’s a fire! Somebody get a fire extinguisher!”
My father quickly came and started to put out the fire. Soon all the fire was gone and all that was left was ash and smoke. Thank god, no major damage was done and nobody was harmed. It was surely a night that I would never forget!
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Comments 12
zahra Abeeha I am also inheadstart grade 4 Zahra
May 19th 2014
Tooba Cool Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
Tooba Nyc Tooba
Jan 16th 2014
saamia Great Saamia
Jan 10th 2014
KHAN You were just about to get to the line to be a winner...................................... Khan
Jan 8th 2014
KHAN You were just about to get to the line to be a winner...................................... Khan
Jan 8th 2014
HAFSA Ayeshas right. and my grandma is also is an awesome cook:) masha'ALLAH.she makes nice food for us and she is 69 years old!!! and is this story real?? Hafsa
Jan 6th 2014
Bushra Nice Bushra
Jan 5th 2014
maha You should be the winner Maha
Dec 31st 2014
bilal Very good Bilal
Dec 30th 2014
Abeeha My grand mother died in november,(she was my mom's mother)and my nana and dada died before Imwas born.My only grandparent is m dadi.this story made me miss them terrebily Abeeha
Dec 30th 2014
Asiya Grandmas are so forgetful... in a..... cute kind of way.Thank God my grandma is an awesome cook. A very commendable story, Masha'ALLAH! Asiya
Dec 29th 2013

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