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Hafsa  Irfan
Hafsa Irfan
Home Schooled
Obedient Boy
Published On Dec 25th 2013
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A boy named Taha was born in a family. And when he was 5 years old his mother and father gave him anything he wanted. and when he turned 10 years he was a spoilt child nobody was friends with him because he always cried for anything he wanted like one day he told his mother that I want a new motorcycle of my own like my dad has and I want to ride the motorcycle on the road and streets and I want my motorcycle to come in 1 day. His mother told him that small children don’t ride motorcycles on their own and when you turn 20 years you can ride your motorcycle then .Ok my dear now go and eat your food. But Taha was upset and started to cry. His mother scolded him and told him to go upstairs to his room. Taha soon realized that parents are right and he went to his parents’ room and apologized for his behavior. They forgave him and gave a small pack of sweets to him. He was happy, and from now on he is a very nice obedient boy in his family.
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Comments 24
sawera Jolly good story Sawera
Jun 9th 2014
Tooba Ayesha stop teasing her its very nice Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
aeman I loved ur story Aeman
Apr 10th 2014
Feb 13th 2014
manahil U don't get more comment because we r the people who don't comment on ari kayri cheese.apni baseti gud kar wa do. hahaha Manahil
Feb 9th 2014
hibba Welcms Hibba
Jan 19th 2014
HAFSA Thanks Hafsa
Jan 8th 2014
hibba HEY NICE JOB keep it up i like this!!! Hibba
Jan 7th 2014
HAFSA Thankyou everyone!:) Hafsa
Jan 6th 2014
HAFSA Ayesha ill say sorry to you when you say sorry to me at vshine or you make a promise of saying a sorry when you meet me :)tell me your choise.. Hafsa
Jan 1st 2014
HAFSA Shutup you are not the queen of the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!:/ when you be nice everyones going to be nice to you Hafsa
Jan 1st 2014
Irum What are you saying?Rudeness is not allowed with me, okay? Irum
Dec 31st 2014
HAFSA Dont be stupid main spoilt nahi hooon tum ho Hafsa
Dec 30th 2014
abdullah Nice story Abdullah
Dec 28th 2013
zainab Nice story written by you.make me friend also. Zainab
Dec 28th 2013
Maryam My pleasure sweety and if you said to me about profile pic then THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cuz You are 1st. one more thing accept my friendship request dear. Maryam
Dec 27th 2013
zahaab Nyc story Zahaab
Dec 27th 2013
HAFSA Thanks maryam i like your profile picture Hafsa
Dec 27th 2013
HAFSA Ayesha paghal thats not funny.sahee hai.i made this story by my own.dont act stupid......... Hafsa
Dec 27th 2013
Irum I think Taha is you. I think this whole story isabout you but you changed your name to Taha. Am i right? Spoilt little girl?? Irum
Dec 27th 2013
Maryam Cute little story (*_*) Maryam
Dec 26th 2013
HAFSA Everyone comment plz why dont you people commment.i sometimes do comment on the stories or artices or jokes but my stories get comments late.ayesha lakho is the one who comments on my things. Hafsa
Dec 26th 2013
Irum Who is this Taha? A friend of yours?? Irum
Dec 26th 2013
KHAN Gooooood Khan
Dec 26th 2013

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