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Malaika Imran
Malaika Imran
Middle East International School
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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I don’t like apples
i dont like peaches
i dont like strawberries
i dont like leeches
i just want a toffee
i just want a french-fry
i can't stand these fruits
no matter how much i try
but to be good in health
i have to eat them all
oh! i want to become big
and i want to become tall
since fruits are good for eye
i just want to give it a try
to eat the chunks of fruits
no matter what I like.
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Comments 8
Feeman Well Malaika, This is a great poem and Hiba also likes it very much. But you dont write to receive gifts , you write to express your feelings and show the world how you really feel. You can see my poem too at my page Feeman Annas. Though you shouldn't care about gifts or anything atleast your poem was published. Keep up the good work. Feeman Annas Feeman
Jul 28th 2016
Hiba Awww , but malaika i dont think that they give gifts for young writers. but they should. i even think that what u r sayying is correct. Hiba
Mar 2nd 2014
malaika I hate vshine from nowonwards. they wrote on their page that share your ideas here and win a gift and afterwards their telling that young writers do not get gifts .I hate vshine guys don't disturb your lives wasting your time in vshine .vshine is a big frood. Malaika
Feb 25th 2014
malaika But hey does someone knows I am the winner of this poem this poem is published in the magazine but why did not put the winner badge on my poem and they dind not even call or texted that we are sending a gift and I did not even receive the gift yet. Malaika
Feb 24th 2014
Hiba Ameen . Congratz Malaika , i told u already that this poem was fantastic :) Hiba
Feb 22nd 2014
malaika Hey guys I am the winner of the lattest issue of v shine magazine .do you know my poem tittled fruits is published in the lattest guys must congragulate me.anyways I am very happy .I don't know a lot about v shine but the little that I know is that v shine is the best magazine company and the best entertainment and knowledge site ever in the whole world.may allah bless v shine and its members with a wonderful and a successful life. Malaika
Feb 19th 2014
Hiba Nice poem Malalika , i dont even like fruits :P . but i am forced to eat them :(. i love ur profile pic :) Hiba
Dec 29th 2013
malaika Why has nobody commented yet. Malaika
Dec 29th 2013

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