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Ushna Umar
Ushna Umar
Da Model High School Phase 4
Published On Dec 28th 2013
Total Comments : 26
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Comments 26
Hiba Nice'' wow'' Hiba
Mar 17th 2015
Mohib So nice Mohib
Jan 26th 2014
Samreen Great work.... Samreen
Jan 24th 2014
Laibah Great Laibah
Jan 20th 2014
 Shiza Its very beatiful Shiza
Jan 19th 2014
Ushna Colour pastel..this whole drawing is made from them..:) Ushna
Jan 17th 2014
Jan 15th 2014
Ushna Thank you for such a lovely comment bint waseem :) Ushna
Jan 13th 2014
Bint waseem A thing ov beauty is a joy 4ever......!!!! Keeep up d gud wrk ushna.. . ... Bint Waseem
Jan 12th 2014
Ushna Thank u every one :) i am glad you liked it :) Ushna
Jan 10th 2014
abeera Now this is a true art! it is so beautiful!!! Abeera
Jan 9th 2014
Azka Such a beauty......... Azka
Jan 6th 2014
Bushra Amazing Bushra
Jan 3rd 2014
amna Greatt Amna
Jan 2nd 2014
Ushna Well i like arts n reading and umm.. different activities basket ball n badminton..i dont like vegetbls n i guess this is it? i love egyptian history though u? Ushna
Jan 2nd 2014
nazish Ohhhhhhhh mine such a beautiful meaning yaar,luv it.n tell me something about ur likes dislikes,e.t.c. Nazish
Jan 1st 2014
Ushna :) Ushna
Jan 1st 2014
Ushna My name :p o has two meaning n arabic n pashto though m not a arabic there is a grass that smells wonderful they call it ushna n pashto its just beautiful brave n intelligent. Ushna
Dec 31st 2014
nazish Whatz da meaning of ur name dear ushna! Nazish
Dec 30th 2014
Maryam Wow! Keep it up Maryam
Dec 30th 2014
Maryam Wow! Keep it up Maryam
Dec 30th 2014
Ushna Thank you n yes u can :) Ushna
Dec 30th 2014
KHAN Nyc Khan
Dec 30th 2014
nazish N if u dont mind can i ask u a question plzzzzzzzzzzzz? Nazish
Dec 29th 2013
nazish AWWWWWWWWW they r really cute ushna. Nazish
Dec 29th 2013
Sarah Wow! It's wonderful! Sarah
Dec 28th 2013

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