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Sara Dhedhi
Sara Dhedhi
School Exams And Crashing Of Car
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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Once upon a time there was a girl named INAYA. She was 10years old. It was her exams going on. When she was near to school so she saw a very horrible accident firstly she scared and wanted to run but when she saw injured so she called to the hospital. They sent an ambulance then the injured was taken to the hospital. Then she went to the police station and report was given to the police. When this hustle bustle was over, she remembered her school and her school exam. She was already late and her exam was ruined. She was very upset. She went to home very sadly. When she reached home, her mother told her that there was a call from police headquarters to recommend you for a citizen award. She was very happy when that injured was feeling better. After few weeks the injured family invited INAYA as she helped the injured  
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Comments 13
Sara Thanks for the comments and especially u ayesha Sara
Mar 25th 2015
Tooba Nice love it:D Tooba
Apr 22nd 2014
saamia I like ur point xarah great effort very nic effort !!!!!!! Saamia
Jan 10th 2014
KHAN Excellanto Khan
Jan 8th 2014
HAFSA YOURE right ayesha imran. Hafsa
Jan 5th 2014
Jan 5th 2014
Asiya I mean that this story's like, this happened, then that happened, then this happened, THE END. Know what I mean? You're rushing it. The idea is awesome. But if you explain every detail that first Inaya saw the accident, describe the gruesome scene.Describe how Inaya felt afterher exam. Get the picture? So that the reader IMAGINES everything in his/her mind. And then it'll become more exciting for the reader. Asiya
Jan 3rd 2014
Irum Why are you saying this to me, Hafsa? I didn't post that comment. It's Ayesha Imran's comment. Irum
Jan 3rd 2014
eman Yeah i agree with ayesha u need to improve your grammar otherwise its awesome Eman
Jan 3rd 2014
HAFSA I too like your story idea as well as loved your story it was a nice one mashallah!and ayesha lakho i also want to hear that how we right a story.plzzz. Hafsa
Jan 2nd 2014
maha I like your story idea Maha
Jan 1st 2014
Sara So ayesha how should we write the story will u tell me plzzzzzzzzzz Sara
Dec 30th 2014
Asiya Um, good.. but don't you think the way of telling the story is childish for a 12 year old?? The idea of the story is great, but if you would just explain everything instead of rushing it, it would be a mature story;) Asiya
Dec 29th 2013

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