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Zainab Ahsan
Zainab Ahsan
Azam Garrison
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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A boy went to a store and selects a car and went to the cashier and give him the money from monopoly the cashier said are you stupid then the boy asked are you stupid the car is also not real.
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Comments 19
Jul 5th 2014
Maimoona Masood Nice!great! Maimoona Masood
Jun 16th 2014
fatimah Go get a life Suhaib. ur existence is not possible..... Fatimah
Jun 2nd 2014
hadia Not so bad its nice Hadia
Mar 17th 2014
Yusuf Pathatic Yusuf
Feb 19th 2014
zerwah Okay Zerwah
Feb 4th 2014
zerwah Okay Zerwah
Feb 4th 2014
zerwah Okay Zerwah
Feb 4th 2014
Zuhaa Better luck next time Zuhaa
Jan 26th 2014
suhaib Simply pathetic.SHame On yOU ... 8th grader could write better than thIs..BBBOOOO Suhaib
Jan 15th 2014
saamia Hahahahaa Saamia
Jan 14th 2014
Uzair Hah hah hah not so funny Uzair
Jan 12th 2014
nazish Cant understand. Nazish
Jan 9th 2014
Anila -.- huh Anila
Jan 7th 2014
KHAN It sucks Khan
Jan 5th 2014
Bushra Not understantable but if you explain I will surely like it Bushra
Jan 3rd 2014
eman Haha hilarius not at all sucks Eman
Jan 3rd 2014
qasim Stupied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qasim
Jan 1st 2014
Laibah Haha zainab!!!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Jan 1st 2014

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