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Fizzah Kafeel
Fizzah Kafeel
Who Is Real Friend?
Published On Dec 28th 2013
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In the world we make many friends in school colleges higher level (university) in offices etc. when we make friends we thought they would always stay with us, they never leave us and etc. but at the end when they leave us , they never look back that they have some real friends than we thought that they were not what we need. Real friends (best friends) are left very few in the world.
But there is still one friend that can never leave us it will always stay with us and they will help us in every difficult stage or situation. That is BOOKS. Books can never leave us they can never leave us. They will always help you in every stage. Just sit in an empty room and think seriously that without books there will be no life? Yes or no?
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Comments 12
Junaid I love those books which inspired me, like A Brief histroy of time, the last three minutes, Wonders of the universe, From BIGBANG to CLONNING, How is our Universe, etc.. these books r my great friend... Junaid
Feb 4th 2014
HAFSA What other important things zulqarnain Hafsa
Jan 13th 2014
humna Yes i love books and i cannot live without ooks Humna
Jan 12th 2014
hibba But ... books r also very important zulqurnain and yes of course there r many other important things... there shud b a balance :) Hibba
Jan 12th 2014
Zulqurnain There are other important things then Books too. Zulqurnain
Jan 10th 2014
hibba Im 100% with u and i love ur article our bfs are book and they never leave us.. we make many many frnds but they leave us someday and its very painful to bear that.. it also happened with me... but we shud also hve frnds to cum to know of the world.... frnds are also important but book are our real and true frnds ... GUD TOPIC TO WRITE ABOUT KEEP IT UP!! Hibba
Jan 10th 2014
eisha Yes of course\ Eisha
Jan 8th 2014
Muhammad Yes,books is the thing that I love Muhammad
Jan 4th 2014
fizzah But we also need to read books Fizzah
Jan 4th 2014
Asiya Very nice, and true too. Asiya
Dec 31st 2014
Ibrahim Nice dear great thoughts,but this can not be "that is books"it will be rong because books is polural for this. helping verb "are" is used and it will be"that is book. Ibrahim
Dec 30th 2014
arisha No because we need our studies and education. Arisha
Dec 29th 2013

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