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Areena Pearl
Areena Pearl
University Student
Follow Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Published On Apr 8th 2011
Total Comments : 17
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Follow Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),
Follow His Sunnah & Hadith Mubarik,
Say Assalam-o-Alaikum
When you greet anyone
Say Subhan-u-llah
When you see beauty of nature
Say Allhumd-u-lillah
When you take a drink
Say Jaza-ku-ullah
When you thank anyone
Say Insha-Allah
When you plan something
Say Masha-Allah
When you have accomplished your task
Say Allah-Hafiz
When you good-bye anyone
Say Allah-hu-Akbar
When you reach the top
Say Rub-e-Zidni-ilma
When you need more knowledge
Say Darood-o-Salat
When you hear Prophet's (PBUH) name
Say Astagh-fi-Rullah
When you do any mistake
Say La-illaha-ilal-lah
When you want to enter Islam
Follow Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Follow His Sunnah & Hadith Mubarik
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Comments 17
Izza VSHINE: do you make once a winner of mypage or anytime you like the story or article? Izza
May 3rd 2011
Minhil Maaza i also live in Karachi and study in class 6......which school do u go to???? Minhil
Apr 25th 2011
MaazaZafar Very nice poem Areena Baji n m new in VSHINE plzz introduce ur self to me plzzz.Well my name iz Maaza n m in 6th standard. I live in Karachi n u? Maazazafar
Apr 24th 2011
Minhil A.O.A areena.Yur poem is very very good and u have given a lot of effort it is very nice.and by the way Neena i dont know who u r but ur picture is really nice..... Minhil
Apr 19th 2011
Shonazz Hello! now I've come to know that Ezza,Izza & Eiza are three different one's...!!! you Ezza! me Eiza! & another one Izza!!... Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Sorry Ezza! I think I've gone mad that I'm answering some one's questions!! Sorry Ezza very much! Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Hey! Areena! i'm not Izza....instead I'm new to VSHINE & I'm Ezza.Are you explained? Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Oops! sorry Areena Baji! i've wrongly typen those sentences!!!.... Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Aleena! do I look good? Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Actually Farial! I was gonna take admission in VU too but, I had no convenience for that route & Yes! I'm new to VSHINE!. Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Shonazz Thanks a lot Aleena!!!! Can you introduce yourself to me? Shonazz
Apr 11th 2011
Aleena Good poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
Apr 10th 2011
Izza A.O.A.! Areena! I don't know know why everyone asks the same question.But, still i'm hapy.No! I'm not Izza!. Izza
Apr 10th 2011
 Areena Thankyou very much Farial Pari & Ezza.Excuse me Ezza! are you Izza? Areena
Apr 10th 2011
Farial Pari Hey Areena! I'm also in University....Virtual University! which university you read? & are you new to VSHINE (Multilingual Portal)??? Farial Pari
Apr 10th 2011
Neena Assalam-o-Alaikum! Areena Baji! your poem is marvellous!!!!!!! Neena
Apr 8th 2011
Neena Assalam-o-Alaikum! Areena Baji! I bet you are one of the winners of MY PAGE next month, INSH-ALLAH!!!! Neena
Apr 8th 2011

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