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Nazish Ilyas
Nazish Ilyas
Excellence Public School
My Ideal Day
Published On Dec 19th 2013
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My ideal day would be a day full of joyness and happiness, with no sadness and sorrow. My day will start with a warm and creamy cup of coffee. After dreaking that i will offer my fajr prayers and recite holy quran, then i will be ready for school. in school i will help any student who has trouble in understanding the lesson, i will spend time with my friends, i will obey the sayings of my teacher, then I will come to home, and offer my zohar prayers, then i will have my lunch sitting on the dining table with my whole family, then we will go to amusing park with my whole family, there we all will have a ice cream treat as well, then on the way back I will help the poor sitting on footpaths with money and will also give them food to eat, then at home i will offer asar prayers and will go out with ,my friends to play, after that i will watch t.v, and offer my maghrib prayers, then  at 8 my papa will come home and got a psp with him for me, i would play in that till 10. then we will eat our dinner and again i would play on my psp till 12,then i will eat chocolates as much as I want then at last i will sleep at 2: 30 at midnight.
This would be my ideal day.
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Comments 8
Sayed Mohammed :) Sayed Mohammed
Jan 14th 2014
HAFSA Really i agree with sayed muhammed that i also like three thinhg of ur article too and this story is AWESOME!!!:)REALLLYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hafsa
Jan 2nd 2014
Sayed Mohammed Thanks ....urs too :) Sayed Mohammed
Dec 28th 2013
nazish My pleasure bro n they were awesome;-) Nazish
Dec 27th 2013
Dec 26th 2013
Sayed Mohammed My pleasure :) Sayed Mohammed
Dec 21st 2013
nazish Oh thnx 4 liking them. Nazish
Dec 20th 2013
Sayed Mohammed Nice!!!..i liked three things about your article 1) you offer prayers :) 2) you want to help the poors 3) You like to play games.....VIDEO GAMES!!! Sayed Mohammed
Dec 19th 2013

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