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Elsa Uroos
Elsa Uroos
Jungam Elementary School.정암초등학교
Princess Cinderella
Published On Dec 19th 2013
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Once upon a time there was a princess named Cinderella. Her mother was dead. So she lives with her father and step mother. Her step mother has two daughters, her step mother and the two daughters always used to teas Cinderella. One day there is an offer for Marry with a prince at their home so the two daughters want to marry with the prince Cinderella also wanted to marry with the prince but the problem was that she does not have a beautiful dress to wear so she was not able to go. She was looking sad so her animal friends means rats the rats decided to ready a very beautiful dress for Cinderella and give her a surprise so the rats go down stairs and collect the things they need, they took the things which the two daughters don’t need these things to be ready for marry with the prince. When they make the beautiful dress for Cinderella and show her she was very thankful for these rats. She wore the dress very happily. Then she goes down stairs to go to the prince castle. The two daughters and their mother were also going to the castle. They think that she has more beautiful dress then us there things they took from the dress and make the dress ugly she go a little bit far then her home she was crying in a garden suddenly a fairy  come and make a very beautiful dress for Cinderella to go to the prince castle. She makes the rats horses and make a horse cart for Cinderella she told Cinderella that this magic will finish on 12 :30 go hurry , Cinderella say her thanks and she went to the prince castle. Prince was not excited because there were not pretty princess, when Cinderella come to the castle , the prince see her and the prince go to Cinderella and they start doing dancing. The prince asks her “Will you marry me”. Cinderella says “yes”. Then they will marry and there was just 30 minutes in finishing the magic. The princess run to the cart the prince was running behind the princess she sit in the cart and went her home the prince used his horse to follow the princess Cinderella.
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Comments 5
Elsa Thanks all Elsa
Oct 15th 2014
Fatima Nice work !!!!! Fatima
Jan 16th 2014
MARYAM This story was really nice I loved it but not that much but still awesome and very educational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maryam
Dec 25th 2013
Bushra Nice try well it is opied but still good and you have some grammer and tense mistakes well awesome Bushra
Dec 25th 2013
KHAN Ummm try to make a story of your own ggoooodd Khan
Dec 25th 2013

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