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Umar  -
Umar -
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Reasons Of Demise
Published On Apr 26th 2011
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"Eighteen dead, 34 injured in a bomb blast in Quetta".
"Three dead, 5 injured in a drone attack".
Why do we have to hear things always like these…?
Can't we stop it…?
Yes we can...
But before stopping it, let’s take a look at the reason of this sinful act.
The main reason is that there is injustice and unemployment.
Those youngsters who do not have a strong background but study and work very hard to make their background strong, their dreams are smashed by those youngsters who are rich and have strong backgrounds.
Their parents can pay a great amount of money to make their children to sit on very good and high post, but deserving are one in millions.
In this way, the rights of poor are abolished forcing them to move out their houses and destroying public and government property as well as their own neighborhood. Then they steal to make their livings and also indulge themselves in other mafias.
There are many laws in our society but followers are less. If there is no one to obey laws, then ultimately it will lead to destruct the state and automatically EXTREMISM.
Publius Cornelius Tacitus says and I quote,
"The more corrupt the state, the more the laws"
It is due to corruption that today we are facing such big problems.
Even today, if we all promise not to store things like sugar, rice, wheat and etc, and give things on fair prices then we can make this nation one of the most prosperous nations of this world and ultimately a homeland of justice and peace.
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Comments 4
Bint waseem Tremendous!!!!!!!!!!!1 Bint Waseem
Oct 27th 2011
lily keep it up keep going Lily
Aug 4th 2011
Liza Keep going like this............................ Liza
May 2nd 2011
MaazaZafar Hmmmmmm.. Maazazafar
May 1st 2011

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