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Arifa Adil
Arifa Adil
'not The Bookish Type, Huh?'
Published On Dec 19th 2013
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Today, juveniles are seen to be seemingly trying to break the buttons of their game consoles or clicking and typing endlessly on their laptops. And not to forget the cellphones, not just any; but smartphones. Advancements in the technological industry have simply overwhelmed reading...which was prevalent and adored; alas! once upon a time. Most youngsters are reluctant to read, but they fail to realise the numerous benefits of books. Nowadays, books just appear to be a mere drop of water in a sea.
Many people acquiesce to this; that books are unique, for one cannot see all the well-described aspects of a story in, say, a movie. There is a wide variety of genres of books flooding the market. It is not necessary for a reluctant reader to skim through boring non-fiction material; one can select books according to their tastes.
Reading helps to enhance our knowledge and boost our vocabulary, which is very important. Moreover, it improves our spellings and helps us in recognizing the correct places of particular punctuation marks. We can avoid such errors later in our writing. Reading broadens our horizons, thus enabling us to reach higher. Furthermore, reading books expands our imagination and hones our creativity. Reading also gives us a 'tour' of the cultures and traditions of people worldwide. Reading books gives us food for thought too, which can aid us in comprehending the concealed truths in the world we live in. Reading makes us learn different styles of writing; therefore we can be able to express a single idea in many different ways. We also learn useful expressions as well as idiomatic and metaphorical language. All of this in turn yields far better writing skills.
A wise person once said, "Books are uniquely portable magic." One should read as much as possible, provided that they finish all their essential chores and schoolwork beforehand. Reluctant readers should try to spend at least thirty minutes reading daily. For we all know that READERS ARE LEADERS! ;D
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Comments 7
arifa Hey Hafsa...Ayesha's right Lakho is in my class And of course it's not ME in my profile pic ;) Arifa
Jul 19th 2014
HAFSA What 'a'?ayesha Hafsa
Jan 12th 2014
Irum A Irum
Jan 9th 2014
HAFSA I know ayesha.was just confirming. did i ask you??let arifa reply:)plzz and arifa tthis is not your real picture right or is it? i mean the profile picture Hafsa
Jan 9th 2014
Irum Yes Hafsa. She is Haya's friend. I met Arifa at Haya's house a few days before Baqra Eid . It was a Mehndi get together. Irum
Jan 9th 2014
HAFSA Helllloo good job Hafsa
Jan 8th 2014
HAFSA Arrifa my cousin name is haya lakho she is in your class right? Hafsa
Jan 8th 2014

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