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Muhammad Usama
Muhammad Usama
Aga Khan School, Kharadar
The Robot That Malfunctioned
Published On Nov 27th 2013
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November 2013

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Yes! I had finally built it! It took me so long and so many failures but I had now successfully built it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The robot, version CN-55 had opened its artificial eyes. It could do anything and more than the strongest human could do. Its microprocessor or brain could process ten times the data a human brain could process, in a millisecond. It had all the latest weaponry and my own, hand built anti-matter engine; its heart. It only needed a few grams of its special fuel to let it work for a century at the least. It was almost invincible. It could only be shut down by saying a code in my voice.
It was now walking steadily towards me. It was observing the laboratory painted white and my unfinished work and my notebooks on the desk. The room was artificially lighted and all the windows were closed. My assistant stood beside me observing the robot which was now standing in front of us. I quickly instructed the CN-55,”Pick up that apple over there”. It grabbed the apple and presented to me, “Here you go doctor”, it said in its human-like voice. Its motor controls were working properly, and response time and eye co-ordination was also working.
I took dozens of other tests and then told my assistant to place the robot in the lab to its resting place. I was now making some other notes and trying to perfect a slight defect in the CN-55 when all of a sudden my assistant appeared panting and frightened. He quickly told me in a fast paced tone, “Doctor! The robot, it, it, something happened to it after I reprogrammed a code in its database, it flew out of the lab with all the weaponry locked at fire mode!” ”Whoa! Slow down, and what was the code that you reprogrammed?” I asked him, now also worried. He handed me a piece of paper with the code written on it. I read the code and as I identified it, I jumped out of my seat and said, “Oh no! The code must have changed its purpose from serve and protect to destroy and create chaos”.
I had already installed a tracking device on the robot. We quickly tracked it down and reached at the destination where the robot was present. It was firing bullets at buildings, roads, people and every other direction. It was creating chaos and we had to stop it. “Could you…” I was just going to tell my assistant to bring bullet-proof jackets when he already handed one to me. We sat in the car which was also bullet-proof, and headed towards the robot. I yelled out of the microphone of the car the shutdown code and it immediately fell to the ground. I lifted the robot’s body and my assistant helped me. We took it to the lab and after some thoughts I dismantled it, because it was dangerous and could easily cause casualties.
Today it is in a museum for the whole world to see and be amazed to see the most highly advanced robot built by me.
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Comments 13
Aiza Nice Aiza
Jul 16th 2017
Muhammad It contained Goldfish color pencils, graphite pencils, a geometry box, glue stick , sharpener and an eraser. Muhammad
Jun 22nd 2014
MARYAM It is very nice Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
hibba Wht was in it? Hibba
Jan 18th 2014
Muhammad Yes i got the gift hamper. Muhammad
Jan 14th 2014
KHAN Nice one and congratulations Khan
Jan 11th 2014
hibba Hey so did u get a gift hamper??? Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
hibba CoNgRatzzz Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
hibba CONGRATZzZzZz Hibba
Jan 1st 2014
Minahil Good>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Congratz:) Minahil
Dec 28th 2013
Arwa Congratzzzzzz :) Arwa
Dec 27th 2013
Sara Congratz...........................................:>=) Sara
Dec 24th 2013
Hiba Congratz Hiba
Dec 22nd 2013

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