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Areena Pearl
Areena Pearl
University Student
Be Good & Spread Good!
Published On Apr 29th 2011
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Hijab & Mahum were class fellows & neighbors. They both went to Juggle Future School located at the end of the street. Hijab was a very beautiful & kind girl whereas Mahum was always in an aggressive mood.
Although they both were neighbors, but there seemed no love & friendship between them because Mahum was jealous of Hijab's beauty, popularity & her respect in school.
Teachers had no good comments about Mahum due to her rude behavior with everyone in the school.
Hijab was always trying to tell Mahum that according to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), neighbors have some rights. But, Mahum not only refused also she told her clearly that she was not of her standard & Hijab passed on a smile to her.
One day, as they both were in class 10th, the Principal Mrs. Mareesa came in 10th class and whole the class stood up in her respect.
Take your seats class! She said.
Thank you Mam! The class replied.
Class 10th! I've come here to inform you that your board exams are going to start right next Monday.
Here is the date-sheet! You girl! What’s your good name? Mrs. Mareesa touched her glasses while looking at a tall, shy & beautiful girl.
Me? I'm Aleena! The girl told boldly.
Okay! Aleena! Please stand up & distribute these date-sheets, she said & gave her the date-sheets.
Aleena stood up & began to give date-sheets to every girl seat by seat.
The principal came out & the class again stood up in her respect.
Next Monday, exams started when one day, it was biology's paper. The students sat in the examination hall & the paper was given to them. Suddenly, Mahum began to cough. The students couldn't concentrate on the paper. Hijab knew that Mahum had got flu. She said, “Excuse me Miss! Can you pass this water bottle to that girl?” the examiner came to her seat & looked her kindly. She took the bottle & went to Mahum & said, “Student! You should drink water.
Mahum knew that it was Hijab's water bottle. She refused to take the bottle but she was feeling abashed on her behavior that she always kept with Hijab.
Tears began to flow out of her eyes but she didn't show it to others.
When she came to her house, she had promised with her something. She asked her mom for some money & bought candies & a bouquet of flowers. She went to Hijab's house & knocked at the door.
Her Elder sister Rabeel opened the door & told her that Hijab was in her bedroom. She knocked at her door slightly because her face had gone red due to the feeling of shyness.
When Hijab opened the door, Mahum said: sorry Hijab! Sorry very much for the behavior I kept with you, sorry!
Hijab said, “Its okay! Don’t be worried, we can be friends.
Mahum: okay! Shake hand with me.
Hijab & Mahum embraced each other & shouted: BE GOOD & SPREAD GOOD!

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Comments 4
Areeba Gr8 storry Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Menahil Gr8 story Menahil
Jun 20th 2012
Bint waseem Yes baji maaza is r8...its a gr8 story! Bint Waseem
Aug 2nd 2011
MaazaZafar Wow Areena bAji u r great what a beautiful msg u have given in this beutiful nice Maazazafar
Jul 8th 2011

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