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Ellina Fatima
Ellina Fatima
Published On Dec 19th 2013
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Once there was a Hispanic girl named Carlie. She was nice, tidy , respectful, intelligent and talented and of course having these excellent ethics she is a good child but, as you know my friends that having even ETHICS in this generation is a boon but having great ethics is a BLESSING. You will be thinking that everybody would love her but, there was one thing wrong she was a orphan. In the orphanage, her guardian’s name was Foreman Flacutunao he was a untidy person with beady eyes, dark ragged clothes (even he recieved the much salary) and the last thing he hated Carlie.He played tricks on her,discourage her and told them that when she would be at the age to leave the orphange everybody would hate her and treat her like a slave.Carlie has tough life she was orphan,always victimized by Foreman and be the black sheep.The days passed she grew beautiful and lovely and when it was time to leave she left the orphanage with a sad smile.She went out with nothing but, a suitcase that contained pajamas,toothbrush and her parent's photo.She saw cars and dosen't know what to do.She slept on a man's house's stairs.In the meanwhile, she heard a loud bang and some shouting she woke up and saw the gentleman's doorstep she had been slept on chef had came to her with a roller and said her to get out though she was sleepy a man came , a tidy one asked her to come inside and apologized for the angry chef.He sure was a nice person he was single. After some time he thought that he should invite Carlie to sleep here and she agreed. Years passed the man finally proposed her and they got married and had a happy life.
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Comments 10
hafsa Don't like it Hafsa
Dec 18th 2017
Urooj Guud Urooj
Jul 31st 2017
Rida Yes,Dua said right,but it is a good ide@ Rida
Sep 19th 2014
Fatima If u r in class 4rth then It is awesome. Keep writing such a stories and I think u should be a good writer in future!!!!! Fatima
Jun 10th 2014
zahra Nice Zahra
May 19th 2014
KHAN Nice story Khan
Jan 10th 2014
Tooba Cool story Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
Yawar Nice story :) Yawar
Dec 25th 2013
Ellina THnKX! dUA!!!!!!!!!!! Ellina
Dec 22nd 2013
abeera You had some mistakes in the story but it was good Abeera
Dec 22nd 2013

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