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Musaib Ahmed
Musaib Ahmed
Generation's School
Incident That Changed My Life
Published On Nov 30th 2013
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November 2013

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"I want the new Iphone!!!" I demanded stubbornly.
"You are not of age, beta." My mom kind of scolded me.
I am used to it. Arguing with my parents has been added to my behaviour ever so lately. After the conversation I made my parent's mind and took the money; I called my friend immediately and asked him to come to my place. He can't refuse any commitment made by me. Having a fair and pious personality, he is a BRAVE person and his personality is completely different from me but we are good friends; in fact, we are best friends.
We took a rickshaw and told the driver to drive as fast as is humanly possible! He drove us to the Mobile Mart. We pleaded the driver to stay back till we come back. We bought the phone I desired but when I came back, the real incident occurred. It was kind of a sudden as just as we were close to reach my home, the driver drove the car away.
"Where are you going, mate?" My friend asked.
He instead raised the gun and said, "Hands up! And give whatever you have!"
"What if we don't?" My friend asked sheepishly.
"Can't you see this gun? I will shoot you right on your faces!"
We just ran from there and when we were on a distance we blurted out, " What?! Not shooting! Have a fake gun?"
Errr.....No!!!! No!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!" He said the only thing he can say at that moment.
We took a different route and came back to my place. I realized from there that listening to parents is a vital part of life. From that day, I began to listen to my parents. Even now, I don't think that I am as fair and brave as my friend is, but I am a pretty decent boy with values but sometimes, ONLY sometimes, I GET OFF THE TRACK!!!!!!!!
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Comments 17
Musaib Thanxx everyine!! Musaib
Jul 23rd 2014
MARYAM It was nice and with a true moral Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
hibba So wht was in gift hamper that u got??? Hibba
Jan 18th 2014
Musaib Thanks.... and yes i did get a gift hamper Musaib
Jan 11th 2014
KHAN Congratulations.........................................on winning a gift hamper. Khan
Jan 11th 2014
hibba CoNgrAtZ ... Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
hibba So did u get a gift hamper??? Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
Laibah Congrats for winning Laibah
Jan 1st 2014
Minahil How did you run from a running car in which you were sitting kind of funny but good creativity>>>> Minahil
Dec 28th 2013
ajwa WOw ...... gooood Ajwa
Dec 26th 2013
Sara Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............................=> Sara
Dec 24th 2013
HAFSA Ayeshas righty bro. Hafsa
Dec 24th 2013
Hiba Congratz bro Hiba
Dec 22nd 2013
Hiba Congratz bro Hiba
Dec 22nd 2013
Hiba Congratz bro Hiba
Dec 22nd 2013
Irum Good grammar used there buddy Irum
Dec 21st 2013
Disenchanted. Congratzz..................=) Disenchanted.
Dec 20th 2013

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