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Samia Tariq
Samia Tariq
First Steps
Published On Dec 19th 2013
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  • There are 11 bananas; you take four how many do u have?
  • I open to close, but i close to open i am surrounded by water but i never soak. Who am i?
  • What has 3 feet but cannot walk?
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    Comments 28
    Arooba Samia as you wish dear Arooba
    Jun 25th 2014
    Arooba Yeah samia your opinion is correct about one direction members Arooba
    Jun 25th 2014
    Samia Look there are 11banannas and I take out for so how many did I take out .i took out 4 so i have 4 Samia
    May 20th 2014
    Tooba We have 7 left Tooba
    May 19th 2014
    Samia No tooba bcz the riddle say there are 11 bananas and u take four of them so how many DO U HAVE Samia
    May 14th 2014
    Tooba 1.we have 11 because we did not put the 4 bananas anywhere. 2.i think this is ice.dont know the 3rd one Tooba
    May 14th 2014
    Samia My riddle is here its on jokes Samia
    May 9th 2014
    Samia My riddle is here its on jokes Samia
    May 9th 2014
    Samia Arooba i wrote one more riddle but its on the page of jokes and its name is Guess who am I and its gone for aproval if u r in my friends list go to my page and see if its here by the way if it is i will let u know and u on this page also plzz canu write some jokes or riddles and when u write them just comment on my page riddle so i can see and thxx alot for being kind to me always Samia
    May 8th 2014
    Samia Louis is funny, harry is curly and ticklish, liam is kind hearted and zayn is cool.all of them are like this in my opinion Samia
    May 8th 2014
    Arooba Ok i also like them all so much samia i also like the pic of niall thats why i choose this pic for my dp Arooba
    May 5th 2014
    Samia No Arooba i just like this pic i like all of them but louis and harry the most Samia
    May 3rd 2014
    qurratul Good! Qurratul
    Apr 25th 2014
    Arooba Samia you like Niall Horan best in one direction???????? Arooba
    Mar 24th 2014
    Samia Thxxxxxxx rafia i am sorry u didnt like it i will try my best to do better Samia
    Mar 15th 2014
    RAFIA Boring ........... Rafia
    Mar 5th 2014
    Arooba Awesome riddles samia like it Arooba
    Mar 4th 2014
    Samia My 11 birthday was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!SELINA thx for the gift i loved it Samia
    Jan 27th 2014
    nazish Ohhhh btw im 13 n will turn 14 next on 6th may 2014. Nazish
    Jan 18th 2014
    Samia I am 10 going to be 11 on january 21 2014 and what about u i know i am younger than u and i also think that u are going to laugh at me that u r a kidoooo Samia
    Jan 1st 2014
    nazish Yeah dats 2 much fun n btw samia whts ur age sorry 4 asking,bt m asking it only as a friend. Nazish
    Dec 29th 2013
    Samia Yes it is fun ,isn't it? Samia
    Dec 29th 2013
    Asdaq 4 tap yard Asdaq
    Dec 26th 2013
    nazish Yeah n wht abt u? Nazish
    Dec 26th 2013
    Samia Do u like riddles Samia
    Dec 25th 2013
    Samia U r correct And i think the 2 one is ice bcz u dont soak u melt Samia
    Dec 25th 2013
    Samia Why dont u comment is it bad Samia
    Dec 24th 2013
    nazish Da answer ov 1st riddle is 4, da answer ov 3rd 1 is yard stick. but i dont know da answer of 2nd 1 so plzzzz reveal da answer n reply me dat m i correct? Nazish
    Dec 24th 2013

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