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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
Don't Cut Trees
Published On May 7th 2011
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Tree means a lot for us. It gives us foods and fruits. Medicines are made from their leaves. We make furniture with their bark and the most important, it stops tornadoes and earthquakes. That's why lesser earthquakes and tornadoes come in jungles and forests. Trees stop the soil from flowing away when there are floods. It gives us oxygen, without which we can't live. forests are homes for a lot of animals including birds. People cut trees and it is dangerous for them. If there were no trees, there wouldn't have been people. And if we cut them we will also starve to death. People should think about those poor animals living on the trees before cutting them. Trees are also living things and it also needs to be independent. We shouldn't cut trees and we should save the environment. I hope you stop cutting trees and give my message to everyone.
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Bint waseem Gud in4mation! Bint Waseem
Aug 4th 2011

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