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Ali  Farooq
Ali Farooq
Star Links School
Obey Your Elders
Published On May 7th 2011
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A boy named Ali never listened to elders. Today he came inside his kitchen; he saw a letter from his mother. It said, "I am very upset of you so I left the house forever because you never listen to me" .Now Ali was so happy because He is free. He can tease others, play PS2 all day long because his Mother never allowed playing, E.T.C. The next day his father did the same thing. He missed his Mother and father so much. After a few days he was starving, so he wrote a letter to his friend that he is coming to stay with him for a few days. when he was packing, the bell rang. he opened the door, there he saw a boy. he came in and took out a knife and said, "I am send as a robber!!!!" At the next moment he murdered Ali. Now Ali got his lesson that how much expensive are Parents!!!!!
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Comments 5
Momina Good story Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Ali NICE TRY,ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
May 20th 2011
Ali Ha!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
May 20th 2011
Hiba OMG!! How lame . It does'nt make sense . Hiba
May 20th 2011
Ali I wrote this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
May 20th 2011

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