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Unaiza Naqi
Unaiza Naqi
Beaconhouse School System
Andriana's Treasure (part 1)
Published On Nov 4th 2013
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Mom! Where are we going to spend our holidays? said Amna, a twelve year old girl. At the same time Ahmad her elder brother of fifteen came in the room and said, “Mom we went to live at our aunts’ last holidays, now where shall we go? “I know where we can go! , said Hafsa, with an excited look on her face. Where? , asked Amna and Ahmad and looked enquiringly at Hafsa, their sister who was thirteen year old. “To Murree, of course, it will be a very good change to go over there and I am longing to see Murree, Come on mom, be a sport and say yes” Yes Mom! It’s a smashing idea, what do you think?” said Amna excitedly. “Well, as I see your excited face, I haven’t the heart to say no, but we’ll have to ask your father about it”, said Mom. When their father heard this, he himself was quite inclined to go, “Hmmm, As I have got my leaves from office, it will be quite good for all of us to spend our time somewhere and I think Murree is an absolutely wonderful idea”. “Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!”,chanted Amna, and sped off to reveal the news. After hearing the news Ahmad and Hafsa ran downstairs to ask mother for the preparations. Their mother laughed and said, “Now don’t get so excited, and yes, start packing your things, take your warm things with you because it may be summer over here but you never know about the northern Pakistan. So the packing began and it was the most difficult task for the children and they longed for it to be over, at last it was over so they began to talk eagerly.”Wow! I never thought of going to Murree, said Amna, “I bet it will be fun”, chimed in Hafsa “What with the travelling, then unpacking and then picnicking with extremely beautiful scenery of Murree it’s going to be grand”, said Ahmad.
Next day, the family put all their suitcases in the taxi and drove off to the Karachi airport, arriving there they sat in the aero plane, After some time they arrived at Islamabad , from there they drove to the nearest hotel for a night’s rest, They had planned to live in their aunts house , who had already invited them for a holiday. This night they slept in their rooms at the hotel and the children dreamt of their new vacations and what a wonderful time they were going to have.
Indeed this was going to be their memorable holiday ever!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 21
Shaheer I agree with momina Shaheer
Sep 13th 2014
S.Muhammad Nice Story! S.muhammad
Aug 31st 2014
hibba Nice story i like it keep it up!!! i am same grade and class as urs Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
Tooba Khadija ur profile pic is really really cute plz accept my request Tooba
Dec 28th 2013
Tooba I cant wait what happens next.when will u rite it? Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
Affan This story needs to be to be continued not the old building Affan
Dec 17th 2013
qasim suspense.yukkkkkkk!! Qasim
Dec 13th 2013
Tooba Nice Tooba
Dec 8th 2013
Maryam Good u didn't mind any suggestion! Keep it up. Maryam
Dec 6th 2013
Manahil Nyc 1 Manahil
Nov 25th 2013
Ajwa I'll be waiting :) Ajwa
Nov 22nd 2013
unaiza Jazak Allah Khair, for all your suggestions, these will certainly help me improve my skills Unaiza
Nov 18th 2013
Maryam Good bohat achi story hai Maryam
Nov 14th 2013
Momina Good starting but should have left some suspense Momina
Nov 13th 2013
Ellina It is awesome but just toooooooooooooooooooo boring!For a 14 year old kid!!!!Add some more suspense! Ellina
Nov 11th 2013
unaiza JazakAllah Khair :), for appreciation, Ajwa and Ayesha i will soon send the next part Unaiza
Nov 8th 2013
ajwa Gud story,unaiza Ajwa
Nov 7th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Nov 7th 2013
unaiza JazakAllah Khair for liking:) Stay tuned Part 2 is on it's way!!!!!!!! Unaiza
Nov 6th 2013
Khadija Agree with Sidra.............................................................. Khadija
Nov 6th 2013
Sidra Can't wait to know what happens! Sidra
Nov 5th 2013

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