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Pivak -e-safa
Pivak -e-safa
Chiniot Islamia School
Love U Pakistani Team
Published On Mar 31st 2011
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Comments 42
Nov 27th 2013
Shumaim Wow!, It looks like you LOVE cricket, I appreciate it very much. Shumaim
Nov 27th 2013
rabia Excuse me!!! Elisha.. I cannot listen single word against cricket...u r Pakistanni and u shld luv ur team... if u don't then dont say anything bad... sorry if it hurted:( Rabia
Jun 22nd 2013
Bareera Really I like this veryyyyyyyyyyyyy much.I luv Cricket and also our Cricketers very very nicccccccccccce..... Bareera
Aug 17th 2011
yamna Eisha all of them are not cheaters some of them like our present captian.i dun think that afridi was a cheater.and in every game one should win and the other must lose inshallah next time Yamna
Aug 14th 2011
eisha UM.............i hate cricket anyway! its kinda stupid!!! and our team are cheaters Eisha
Aug 6th 2011
shazma We should Like our Team they are our heroes!!!!! Shazma
Jul 26th 2011
yamna I love it ................. Yamna
Jun 24th 2011
M@ry@m Well done M@ry@m
May 27th 2011
Aleena Imane i think you are still angry with me! but yar that wouldn't b justice! yo have also told me a lie but i didn't tell anyone and you told it to whole my friends! I have forgiven you and you should also forgive me! please...... I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
May 24th 2011
Pivak Gud i got 665 marks tell me ur roll now Pivak
Apr 30th 2011
Aleena Yar my marks are very you can say k bohat kam hain! pta nae kyn? yar its 662! (now these are actual marks) and yours? Aleena
Apr 29th 2011
Pivak Thats like a gud girl ;) tell me urz then i willl tell u mine bt plzzz b honest... Pivak
Apr 29th 2011
Aleena Ok yar I will tell you my exact marks but first you promise that you will also tell me your actual and correct marks!? Aleena
Apr 26th 2011
Pivak I think u r telling a lie thats y u r nt telling me... n if u r nt then tell me i want to see that Pivak
Apr 26th 2011
Pivak I got 719 markx now ur roll no ;) Pivak
Apr 25th 2011
Pivak Lolx ;) Pivak
Apr 25th 2011
Aleena FIrst tell your markz if you won't it will seem that u have scored very less marks!!! Aleena
Apr 23rd 2011
Pivak Aleena!ur roll no Pivak
Apr 23rd 2011
Aleena Yar tell me your marksss! Aleena
Apr 23rd 2011
M@ry@m Good M@ry@m
Apr 23rd 2011
Menahil Cool Girlz Menahil
Apr 22nd 2011
Aleena Yaar why are you behaving like that no one has got 718 marks. and even in my class 7 to 8 students have got more than me marks! Just tell me your markz! Aleena
Apr 21st 2011
Pivak Kool... tell me ur roll no plzzz :) Pivak
Apr 20th 2011
Aleena No yar in ENGLISH medium! I am in english medium private school !!! Now tell me your marks!!! Aleena
Apr 20th 2011
Pivak Ohhh realy... :o in urdu or english medium...??? i think in urdu medium right? Pivak
Apr 19th 2011
Aleena Ok! But you also have to tell! I have got ... got ..... got... yaar not good marks! Yarr I h've got 718 marks out of 800. now plz you tell me yours. Aleena
Apr 19th 2011
Pivak Hmmm... i think u frst... ;) Pivak
Apr 18th 2011
Aleena Iman how many marks you have secured in your board exams? Aleena
Apr 17th 2011
Pivak Agree... :) Pivak
Apr 13th 2011
maryam I love my team weather they win or loooze........i love them all!!! Maryam
Apr 12th 2011
Aleena I am in Lahore and in THE PUNJAB SCHOOL! Aleena
Apr 8th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc! Bint Waseem
Apr 7th 2011
Pivak I m in faisalabad... n u? my school iz "CHINIOT ISLAMIA SCHOOL AND COLLEGE" whats about ur school aleena? Pivak
Apr 7th 2011
Aleena Yeah I am also in 9th! In which city and school you are???? Aleena
Apr 5th 2011
Pivak Plzzz write something.... :( Pivak
Apr 5th 2011
Pivak I m in 9th class now... and whats about u? Pivak
Apr 2nd 2011
Aleena Imane in which class you are? Aleena
Apr 1st 2011
Pivak Hmmm... coz i like this name very much... :) Pivak
Apr 1st 2011
Aleena Imane if you don't mind I want to ask you that why have you changed your name? Aleena
Apr 1st 2011
Pivak :) Pivak
Apr 1st 2011
Aleena Yes! we all are with you PAK team! Aleena
Mar 31st 2011

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