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Aneesa Masood
Aneesa Masood
International School Of Myanmar
Published On Oct 30th 2013
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  • What kind of clothing can you make out of banana peel?
  • What comes in every minute, twice in every moment , but not once in a thousand years?
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    Comments 27
    Aneesa The first answer is slippers and the second answer is the letter M Aneesa
    Apr 26th 2015
    Berha Ans number 2 is the letter E Berha
    Jan 22nd 2015
    Tooba 1.This answer is the letter M. 2.i think a skirt or frock Tooba
    May 21st 2014
    Raweeha Exactly what Maryam says Raweeha
    Dec 3rd 2013
    Aneesa The 1 answer is not correct samia Aneesa
    Dec 2nd 2013
    Aneesa The 1 answer is not correct samia Aneesa
    Dec 2nd 2013
    Maryam Where?? oh you also got it late. Maryam
    Dec 1st 2013
    KHAN Oooooooooooh Khan
    Dec 1st 2013
    Noor un Nisa I will also go with maryam Noor Un Nisa
    Nov 30th 2013
    Samia (SKIRT)1 ANS (M)2 ANS Samia
    Nov 29th 2013
    Zuhaa Same with maryam Zuhaa
    Nov 23rd 2013
    Aneesa Thanks ! Aneesa
    Nov 11th 2013
    Hamzah Goood!!:D Hamzah
    Nov 10th 2013
    Momina M Momina
    Nov 10th 2013
    Maryam Hurrah! I finally got it. Maryam
    Nov 9th 2013
    Aneesa Yes you are right Maryam! Aneesa
    Nov 8th 2013
    Maryam Now I understand. I think a banana could made people to slip isn't it. tell me please Maryam
    Nov 6th 2013
    Laibah Thanks aneesa. gulnoor, ajwa and bushra the first answer was a pair of slippers Laibah
    Nov 4th 2013
    Gul Noor I dunno the 1st one................. Gul Noor
    Nov 2nd 2013
    Bushra Well now I thought I do not know of the 1 riddle but I think second is the letter m Bushra
    Nov 2nd 2013
    ajwa Second frnd asked me that day....frst one...i dunno Ajwa
    Nov 2nd 2013
    Aneesa yes you are right laibah ! Aneesa
    Nov 2nd 2013
    Laibah 1. a pair of slippers 2. the letter m are these right? Laibah
    Nov 2nd 2013
    Nov 1st 2013
    Gul Noor M.easy peasy lemon squeezy!!! Gul Noor
    Nov 1st 2013
    Affan 1: ____ 2: ^ Affan
    Oct 31st 2013
    Maryam I dont know the 1st but second is the letter 'm' Maryam
    Oct 30th 2013

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