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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Published On Oct 31st 2013
Total Comments : 35
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Comments 35
duaa Why are you not winner Yeh to galat bast HAI! Duaa
Aug 15th 2015
Fatima You should be the winner your drawings are the best Fatima
Apr 28th 2015
Ayesha Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayesha
Jun 28th 2014
 Shiza Every thing is awesome!!!!!!!!! Shiza
Mar 17th 2014
hibba Wow its so nyc :) u like drawing and sketching :) the shading and the theme r perfect and best for it :) i love it :) my painting r not posted yet... :( Hibba
Jan 8th 2014
Nuzhat Nice Nuzhat
Dec 28th 2013
Munkashay Yeah, true. Munkashay
Dec 21st 2013
fatimah Boys will be boys, thats y i usually ignore them. i can upload the signature d pic if u guys dont believe me but thanx for defending :)no one does that now a days ;) Fatimah
Dec 15th 2013
Munkashay Shut up you boys! If you can not make it, doesn't mean you say it is copied! What did you write to get the picture, huh? How did you copy the URL? Think before you talk!! Munkashay
Dec 15th 2013
Gul Noor Taha n Amn puleeeezz.Fatima has mentioned it before as well that she sometimes takes ideas from the net, she does NOT copy!!!(fatima im just defending u so dont mind) Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
KHAN Well sorry to say Fatima Taha is right I just saw it on google Khan
Dec 14th 2013
Munkashay And yeah, Fatimah has already made many AWESOME drawings, this one is no hard for her, if others aren't copied then this one is also not COPIED! Well Fatimah, plz don't think I am insulting your master piece Munkashay
Dec 6th 2013
Munkashay On which site, Mr. Taha? Munkashay
Dec 6th 2013
Taha This is not your drawing i saw it on google u copied. Taha
Nov 30th 2013
Zarhan Great Zarhan
Nov 29th 2013
Samia I love all your drawings! keep on the good work Samia
Nov 26th 2013
Takreem Cool.......nice job.........!!!!! Takreem
Nov 25th 2013
Gul Noor Selina , the whole point of a SECRET language is 2 keep it a secret hehehe ;D you just revealed it. Gul Noor
Nov 24th 2013
selina Same here!i also have a secret language,let me tell you that it is a great sketch,''Yourinase darty rus propulia'' Selina
Nov 23rd 2013
Areefa Cool! nice job Areefa
Nov 21st 2013
Gul Noor Wwhhoohhh!!!shumaim and fatima have a secret language me and ajwa arsalan have 1 tooo;) Gul Noor
Nov 19th 2013
fatimah Thnx Amn :) Fatimah
Nov 17th 2013
KHAN Great drawing. Khan
Nov 16th 2013
Shumaim Your mostly welcome Shumaim
Nov 11th 2013
fatimah I will never forget our secret language Shumaim ;) and thnx soooo much..... Fatimah
Nov 10th 2013
Shumaim Very Delightful......I simply *IS* your drawings.(agn talkin in d weird language, hope u got it) Shumaim
Nov 9th 2013
Tooba Wow the shading is beautifuly done.nice keep it up.i dont know what 2 say Tooba
Nov 8th 2013
Maryam WOW. Maryam
Nov 5th 2013
fatimah This is such an honor, thankxxxx guys.. Fatimah
Nov 3rd 2013
Bushra You are really awesome luv your drawing and will always I don't know what to say awesome Bushra
Nov 2nd 2013
ajwa ?.??..?i dont know WHAT to sAy??... Ajwa
Nov 2nd 2013
Aisha A complete masterpice.... Aisha
Nov 1st 2013
l Again speechless L
Nov 1st 2013
Sidra Nice... Sidra
Nov 1st 2013
Gul Noor Wow!!!its wh@ i call awsome!!!the shading,the theme,the surroundings,the every thing!!! Gul Noor
Nov 1st 2013

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