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Subhan Siddiqui
Subhan Siddiqui
The Educators
Humty Dumty
Published On Oct 24th 2013
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Hi humpty.
Oh hi dumpty.
Why you say me dumpty?
Because you call me humpty.
Oh leave it.
Ah! Why did you leave your bi cycle on my foot?
Because you said leave it.
Oh I said leave this humpty dumpty topic.
But I haven't humpty dumpty so how I leave it?
Oh fool.
Thank you
You’re welcome. But why?
Because you say me fool.
Oh. Crazy
Thank you thanks you very much.
Hey close your pant’s zip.
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Comments 26
aeman Oh wait. I just understood....pretty cool😀😀😛😀 Aeman
Mar 30th 2015
aeman Mujhe Samaj nahi ai Aeman
Oct 8th 2014
Tooba What kind of silly joke is this Tooba
Jun 24th 2014
Noor un Nisa What was this Not FuNnY Noor Un Nisa
Nov 30th 2013
eman I agree its not a great effort but keep on trying you may get a good one in a deecade or two Eman
Nov 30th 2013
Emel Wese rabia esi bhi koi bat nahi he yar Emel
Nov 29th 2013
Rafia MY ID WAS HACKEDDDDDDD//!!!!!!!11 this comment isnt sent by me :) so my comment is this one :"good try nd keep going for further improvement :))))" Rafia
Nov 7th 2013
Subhan I can't write better jokes but I am trying but I wrote better poem see in poems Subhan
Nov 3rd 2013
Gul Noor Sorry i meant to say raFia.......... Gul Noor
Nov 3rd 2013
Afrah It was O.K I guess! Afrah
Nov 3rd 2013
Gul Noor Actually,subhan its "hum'P'ty dum'P'ty" not "hum?ty dum?ty" Gul Noor
Nov 2nd 2013
Gul Noor This is the 1st time rabia said smthin' like that 4 all i know 8/ Gul Noor
Nov 2nd 2013
Bushra Sorry but not that much nice. well gr8 Bushra
Nov 1st 2013
Gul Noor Its kinda silly............ Gul Noor
Nov 1st 2013
Ellina No UNDERSTANDING ! Ellina
Nov 1st 2013
Anam Haha so funny and i agree with the people understanding this joke Anam
Oct 28th 2013
Laibah Um, maybe gud but i no understand.............. can somewon explain?????????? Laibah
Oct 28th 2013
Munkashay Yeah you are right Haiqa Baji Munkashay
Oct 27th 2013
haiqa Y u all didn't liked it?? this is such a funny joke!! agree munkashay?? Haiqa
Oct 27th 2013
Aneesa I didn't understand Aneesa
Oct 26th 2013
Mohammad What was this Mohammad
Oct 26th 2013
rizwan Boooring... Rizwan
Oct 26th 2013
ajwa Silly Ajwa
Oct 25th 2013
Rafia Mmmmmmmm ........ well ... EXCUSE ME! what WAS that???? :/ Rafia
Oct 25th 2013
Munkashay Very Funny! I had fun reading it! Munkashay
Oct 25th 2013
rabia Subhan bohat he foozol joke hai Rabia
Oct 25th 2013

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