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Shumaim Hyūga
Shumaim Hyūga
Army Public School And College
Published On Oct 21st 2013
Total Comments : 36
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Comments 36
Shumaim Thanks Naaemah! Shumaim
Jun 25th 2014
Naaemah Its sooooooooooooooooooo awesome Naaemah
May 10th 2014
Shumaim Sure, I guess so! Shumaim
Apr 11th 2014
Rihab Oh,i guess its becuz of his traksuit... Rihab
Mar 26th 2014
Rihab Oh,i guess its becuz of his traksuit... Rihab
Mar 26th 2014
Shumaim No he is not..... Shumaim
Mar 22nd 2014
Rihab Nyc really but i thought naruto is fat then usual xp Rihab
Mar 3rd 2014
Riko Awsome...soo awsum it's indescribably AWSUM Riko
Feb 16th 2014
Muhammad Noor, she colored it AFTER she sent it.( I would never do that) By the way it's colored now!! =) Muhammad
Jan 18th 2014
noor Its a nice drawing...but if you color it,it'll be fab!!! <3 btw did anyone noticed that in Abdullah's comment the date is written 'Dec 30 2014'!!! lol XD Noor
Jan 11th 2014
Shumaim Thank you! :) Shumaim
Jan 9th 2014
minahil Good!!!!!! Minahil
Dec 30th 2014
Munkashay Thanks pally! Munkashay
Dec 6th 2013
Gul Noor Agreed,munkashay;) Gul Noor
Nov 29th 2013
Munkashay It won't do him any good... he's a boy. So we just talk to ourselves, OK? Munkashay
Nov 26th 2013
Shumaim You are right Gul Noor. Shumaim
Nov 20th 2013
Gul Noor I meant to say "ANY ONE"!!!! Gul Noor
Nov 19th 2013
Gul Noor Amn , maybe you should just quit vshine if u are going to keep on usin' abusive language (specialy on shumaim's drawings) Gul Noor
Nov 19th 2013
Munkashay Boys never use nice and friendly language, do they? Munkashay
Nov 17th 2013
Shumaim Mind your language please! Shumaim
Nov 17th 2013
KHAN That is bull shit Khan
Nov 16th 2013
Maryam Ur welcome Maryam
Nov 10th 2013
Shumaim Surely, I am a HUGE fan of Naruto!! Shumaim
Nov 6th 2013
Munkashay Gul Noor we are the BIGGEST fans of Naruto! Munkashay
Nov 6th 2013
Gul Noor Okay , haiqa baji (munkashay calls u haiqa "baji" n she is in the same class as me_5th , so hoo am i to argue;) sooooo, can i call u "baji"????) @shumaim are you a big fan of naruto??? Gul Noor
Nov 3rd 2013
Shumaim Thanks!! Shumaim
Nov 2nd 2013
Maryam Good Maryam
Oct 30th 2013
haiqa U don't know about that?? ask about it from shumaim... Haiqa
Oct 27th 2013
Gul Noor U r by far the biggest naruto fan i know!!! Gul Noor
Oct 25th 2013
Munkashay Has Zahra spoil this drawing? Munkashay
Oct 24th 2013
haiqa Do you remember this drawing of zahra, shumaim? Haiqa
Oct 24th 2013
Shumaim Haiqa, tumhein to mein school mein dekhloon gi. Shumaim
Oct 24th 2013
haiqa I dun like it!! Haiqa
Oct 23rd 2013
Shumaim 10x guys Shumaim
Oct 22nd 2013
Gul Noor Cccoooooooooooooooolll!!! Gul Noor
Oct 22nd 2013
Munkashay Awesome!! Man, cool!!! Munkashay
Oct 21st 2013

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