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Sarah Haque
Sarah Haque
American International School - Riyadh
The Ghost In The Basement
Published On Oct 22nd 2013
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“Ssqquueeaakk!” went the staircase as Violet took her first step onto it. She knew it was just a staircase and all she has to do is to walk on it. But what she did not know was that first step she took to get on the staircase was her first step to trouble.
“I know I’m not going to like this place” she said as she sighed with sadness (because she was not going to like the new class) and tried looking down the long staircase.
“You can say that again” Lilly, Violet’s friend, (who had just caught up with her) replied. “Why do you think we had to move” Lilly said as she pointed to the ground while, together, they walked down the creaky stairs.
“Not sure but, I think it was a way for the teachers to get their own kitchen” Violet answered as she faced who she thought was Lilly, but really just a wall. No one could see in that dark, long staircase.
“Legend has it that an old student named Daisy, also moved down in the basement in the 1980s. Daisy was the new kid in the class and she always got bullied. She hated it when other kids are mean and wants them to go away. They say her spirit haunts our new class and tries to scare the kids who are mean or who bully others. She will not rest till there will be peace” Lilly said in a spooky voice, that had a chill go down Violets spine.
Violet shuddered. “Well then...Who's they?” She asked.
“” Lilly said slowly. 
“Aha!” Violet shouted.“I knew that story was not true! Your older brother always pulls jokes on you!” 
“He looked pretty serious...” Lilly said in her brother’s defence.
“He also looked serious last Halloween when he told you that a mummy was on the loose and if you see it you should smack it with a bat on the head. Which you did eventually” Violet said in a bossy way.
“I was six!” Lilly shouted. “And I guess you are right it might be a prank again, just my brother being my brother” Lilly sighed.
“Boom! Boom! Boom! Ssqquueeaakk!”
“W-what’s-s that n-no-oi-is-se?” Lilly said, trembling and twitching.
“Uuuuu......Probably just the school band practicing” Violet said, trying to hide her fear of the noise.
“Boom! Boom! Boom! Ssqquueeaakk!”
“There it is again.....” Lilly said as she hid behind Violet, and held Violet closely. “I’m scared” Lilly shook full of fear, her voice trembled.
“Umm...I...You...” Violet gulped. “Uu.. Whoever is making that noise...please stop” she said poorly.
Tap tap tap.
“What is it Lilly?” Violet whispered impatiently.
Tap tap tap.
“Lilly, stop tapping my shoulder!” Violet said with all her strength and courage.
“What?” Lilly said confused and scared at the same time. “I’m not tapping your shoulder, stop lying!”
Tap tap tap.
“Lilly this is no time for jokes stop tapping my shoulder” Violet said a little annoyed.
“What are you talking about I’m not tapping your shoulder!” Lilly said very annoyed.
Tap tap tap.
“T-the-en-n who-o’s-s t-tapping m-my s-sh-hould-der-r?” Violet said frightened of the tapping. She knew it was not Lilly who was tapping her, but she did not want to admit that. She was too scared to.
“Boom! Boom! Boom! Ssqquueeaakk!”
“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Lilly and Violet screamed as they ran down the long, creaky staircase.
Violet and Lilly slammed the classroom door with a ‘THUD!’.
“W-what was th-hat-t?” Lilly stammered “Do you think....” she left her sentence unfinished.
Violet nodded.
Lilly gulped.
“Daisy” they said at the same time and looked at each other.
“Please take out your math notebooks” Mr. Collins, the home room teacher, asked the class as he faced the class with a math book in his hand. “And turn to page 205”
Everyone in class took their notebooks out and shuffled through the pages.
“Now, will Violet please answer the first question on the math review” Mr. Collins said as he pointed in the book.
Everyone in the class faced Violet, all eyes were on her.
“Umm...I think the answer is 81, Mr. Collins” Violet said in her usual soft, quiet class voice.
“Violet, speak up I have seen you talk with Lilly. Don’t be shy. You need to feel comfortable to talk in class. Now what was the answer?” He asked, trying to encourage Violet to speak up.
“E-e-ei-ig-ght-O” Violet got cut of by Jock, the class bully.
“Co..Scaredy...Cough” Jock said as he pretended to cough. “Mr. Collins..cough..I need to drink water.” He said as he got up facing the water fountain.
“NO Jock! You may not!” Mr. Collins shouted. “Please take your seat!” Mr. Collins was very frustrated.
“Sheeh, someone can’t take a joke” Jock said under his breath as he began to sit down.
Violet was about to cry but she held it in. It was hard, but she did. Then she noticed something strange about his chair. She stared at the chair in confusion.
“Is it just me or is that chair moving?” She thought as the chair slowly was pushed in.
Jock did not look where he was about to sit on because instead of sitting on his chair, he fell to the floor.
“Oooooowwwwwwwwww” Jock screamed as he rubbed his back side.
Then, Violet thought, “How can that be? How can a chair just move by itself?” Then her eyes widened. Violet faced Lilly and mouthed the letters D-A-I-S-Y.
Lilly nodded in despair.
Later that day, it was Social Studies class.
“.. .and even after ‘money’, as we know it, went into common use, there are still situations in which people have gone back to bartering.” Lilly read aloud to the class.
“Thank You, Lilly” He said as he smiled at Lilly.”Now will someone please tell me what are some examples of bartering in the present” He looked upon the class and Jock was the only one who was raising his hand. He sighed and shaked his head. “Jock” He said in a regretful voice.
“I think one way to barter now.....” he smiled a wicked but crooked smile and saw Violet in the corner of his eye. “.....if we bartered Violet, you know the shy and awkward girl, with someone from the other class we will be more satisfied because we won’t have a little problem to carry on our backs.” He said in a mean voice.
Violet started to tear up. She ran to the corner of the room and started to cry it all out. Lilly rushed over to Violet.
“Violet, please stop crying” Lilly begged as she held her friend close to her.
“Jock!” Mr. Collins screamed in anger. “Apologize now!”
But before Jock could say anything crumbled papers started to be thrown at him.
A spooky voice said, “Do not be mean!” A ghost looking girl appeared
out of nowhere. She twirled around Jock and punched him in the face. “I’m not the weird one!”
“Owwwwww” Jock cried as he was getting hurt very badly that his nose started to bleed a little.
Everyone but Violet and Lilly stayed away.
Violet stopped crying, “Daisy?” she said in confusion, but was still scared because, obviously, she is a ghost. For the first time ever she spoke up in class. Everyone looked  at her, but she did not care. She looked at what she was doing to Jock, “It’s all my fault I caused the problem..... then I have got to fix it.” she thought
“Daisy, I know that people had teased you when you were a kid, and same with me but that does not mean you should be mean to everyone. Even if I had the chance to hurt Jock, I would not even if I really wanted to. Because inside my heart I know there is another side.” She tried convincing Daisy.
Daisy turned around, faced Violet, and slowly put Jock down. He scrammed to where the rest of the class and Mr. Collins was laying down on the floor.
 “How do you know that?” Daisy asked, more calmed.
“Sometimes people just want to let it all out, are having a bad day, or wants revenge on someone or something.” Violet said emotionally.“It happens to everyone some can control it and others cannot.”
“Really?” Daisy asked. “Is that all?” She sat down in a chair and said, “I never thought of it that way.”
“Well now you know, so can you please stop” Violet pleaded. (she did not feel scared to talk with her anymore).
“Wait, if the things you said were true, prove it.” She said as she pointed at Jock.
Violet signalled him to come over.
Jock limped his way over slowly and with a scarred face, he stood beside Violet.
“Jock, I felt very sad when you said those things about me” Violet said innocently.
“I didn't m-mean it Violet. I-I’m sorry” Jock said, but instead of facing Violet he was looking at Daisy’s angry face.
“Thank You” Violet replied with a smile on her face. “See, you need to tell them how you feel and then, most likely, they will apologize” She said happily.
Daisy’s ghost said as she stared up at the ceiling, “All these years I only wanted revenge on people who did bad stuff. I never thought why they did it.....Thank You you taught me how now.....I must go she said as she started to fade away and then faced Violet, “I will never forget you” Daisy said as she disappeared out of nowhere. 
“Me neither” Violet whispered.
Jock tapped Violet the same kind of tap that she felt on the staircase.
“I’m sorry for scaring you today...and well I sort of forgot about other people’s feeling.” Jock said and was nice for once. “I promise not to hurt yours or anyone else’s feelings” Jock in an apologetic voice then walked away.
“So you were the person who was tapping me on the shoulder!” Violet said out loud.
“What?” He asked confused. “All I was doing was the ‘Boom Boom Squeak!’ only”
“So it was Daisy” Violet thought out loud, for the very first time with somebody other than Lilly.
“Well” Lilly said after being silent while all the action was happening. ”You talked to a ghost and spoke out loud. You made Jock apologize what next?” She said grinning. “You did it Violet, you got over your fear” she said with a hug.
“Thanks, and I guess I did” Violet said as she hugged her back. 
Mr. Collins got up, “Oh! How did I get here!? I’m so sorry I must have fell asleep, I just had a terrible nightmare....Well it’s not real now back to class” Mr. Collins said yawning.
“He has no idea how real his dream is” Violet said to Lilly smiling.
The End


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Comments 22
Tooba Very nice and i like long stories especially this one nice keep it up Tooba
Apr 17th 2014
MARYAM Awesome...... Maryam
Dec 13th 2013
nazish No aatika.itzzzz 4m another game. Nazish
Nov 14th 2013
Ayesha Gooooooooooooooooooood Ayesha
Nov 7th 2013
Gul Noor Guyzzz,this is such a nice story n only 3 "likes" and so many of you saying its nice so "like" it!!! encourage Sarrah:) Gul Noor
Nov 4th 2013
Nuzhat Nice Nuzhat
Nov 4th 2013
Nuzhat Nice Nuzhat
Nov 4th 2013
Nuzhat Nice Nuzhat
Nov 4th 2013
Bushra Nice story Bushra
Nov 2nd 2013
Aatika your picture from shopaholic game? Aatika
Nov 1st 2013
Maryam Good story Maryam
Oct 30th 2013
Fariha Nice but shot the story... Fariha
Oct 30th 2013
Anam Nazish why don't u lyk long stories this is very good story Anam
Oct 29th 2013
Rafia Gooooooooooooooooooody gooooooood :)))) Rafia
Oct 28th 2013
Munkashay I LOVE long stories! And an Exellent one! Gud job ;D Munkashay
Oct 28th 2013
l Nice I like it a lot.... L
Oct 24th 2013
Oct 23rd 2013
Aiza Awesome story i love it used nice vocabulary words Aiza
Oct 22nd 2013
Gul Noor Its taken from paranorman,right???but gud!!! Gul Noor
Oct 22nd 2013
ajwa Really gud...but a bit from paranorman Ajwa
Oct 22nd 2013
Sidra Amazing! Sidra
Oct 22nd 2013
nazish Nyc but too long. Nazish
Oct 22nd 2013

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