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Musab Adil Osawala
Musab Adil Osawala
Home Hifz Student
The Trip To The Bull Yard [mandi]
Published On Mar 25th 2011
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The night before going to the bull yard my Father told me so I was very excited because it was the first time for me to go to bull mandi. My mother make a bag for me, she put Biscuits for me to eat and a bottle for me to drink water. Then I did breakfast at 8 O’clock. My uncle and I started our journey, we went to the halwa - pori shop as my uncle and every body else who were coming with us hadn’t done their Breakfast. Then we went to my father’s cousin’s house and took him and then went to the bull yard there we saw there a complete set up for cows and bulls. There we saw black and white bull and different types and colour bulls. The size of the bull and cows also vary some were giant some were small and some medium. Some cows and bulls have very big horns; one of them was injured and was white in color.
There I also saw a cow being milked and that was the spot where I liked one bull and I bought it and we brought the bull at home in a big van.

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Comments 9
Ayesha Momina it is not obligatory for you to say in every story,"I hate it.' U are not the best author in the world. If don't like it, don't comment. Ayesha
Jun 8th 2017
Momina I HATE THIS! Momina
Jun 13th 2011
Zahra Good Zahra
Apr 14th 2011
unique Actually i didn't see a problem in the story. it was just as a normal event. i see it boring... Unique
Apr 10th 2011
Aymun Musab!You are a Home Schooler,just like me!Mashaallah, your story is vary nice!!!!! Aymun
Apr 8th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc! Bint Waseem
Apr 6th 2011
Mehwish Nyc ............. good effort............ Mehwish
Mar 26th 2011
MUhammad Adil Good effort Muhammad Adil
Mar 26th 2011
ummi MashaALLAH keep it up. Ummi
Mar 25th 2011

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