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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
The Mystery Of The Crief Island (part 1)
Published On Oct 2nd 2013
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Donald was in his room researching about Crief Island that was in Atlantic Ocean. Donald was very inspired by Crief Island. He always wanted to find out what is the mystery about it. "Bed time" said his mom. "Ah man" said Donald. Donald went into his bathroom brushed his teeth and ran back to his bed. "Can I read a book" said Donald to his mom. "Sure, but only 10 minutes." said his mom. Then Donald starting to read his book that was call "The Treasure of Crief Island. While he was reading it he fell asleep. Ring Ring Ring, his alarm rang at 7:30. Actually it wasn't school but still he woke up early. He went to his study table and started researching about the mystery behind the Crief Island. After reading, he took out his notebook ans started writing important notes. When he was writing he noticed that one note said The Crief Island is really mysterious and scary." "Oh, how will I go there my mom will not allow me!" whispered Donald in his head. As soon as he closed his notebook her mom walked in and said, "Donald, why do you wake up so early in vacations, Hey go brush your teeth and come in the kitchen for breakfast. Donald went in the bathroom and brushed his teeth and walked down the stairs quietly and sat on the stool. He started thinking about how he will go to the Crief Island.
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Comments 27
ajwa LAAAAAAME STORY!!!!!!!! Ajwa
Feb 8th 2014
Affan Why isn't my next part has been 4 months Affan
Jan 10th 2014
Affan Ok, if you think this story is lame then say it. suppose if you like cuba. then why do you like it. suppose you say it is nice. why is it nice yeah ajwa Affan
Dec 17th 2013
Ayesha GOOD STORY Ayesha
Nov 7th 2013
ajwa Happy eid greetings!!!!!! Ajwa
Oct 16th 2013
ajwa EID MUBARAK everyone!!!!!!! hope u enjoy it very much!!!!!! :) Ajwa
Oct 15th 2013
ajwa Yeah .. affan its a drawing !!! ur " drawing" u didnt even explain what the creif island waz? y did donald wanna go there? only cuz it waz mysterious.....y was it. ? what was in the book?......lame story .....thats why u got only rank7......!!!! Ajwa
Oct 12th 2013
Affan Thanks.............he was 10 to 11 years old Affan
Oct 12th 2013
Maryam Gr8 story*** Maryam
Oct 12th 2013
Sarah How old was Donald? Sarah
Oct 12th 2013
HAFSA Saman youu are ight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hafsa
Oct 8th 2013
saman It will not take 20 days it will take amonth or two Saman
Oct 8th 2013
Oct 7th 2013
sarah For what?????????? i asked what did u got inside the gift hamper. Sarah
Oct 7th 2013
Affan It will take 20 days Affan
Oct 6th 2013
sarah Affan what did u got in ur gift hamper? Sarah
Oct 5th 2013
sarah Thank you for accepting i appriciate the point of view, the structure of the story i was just a little concerned with the names of the characters.other wise it is a fab :) Sarah
Oct 5th 2013
Affan Ok sarah Affan
Oct 5th 2013
Affan No this is a drawing Affan
Oct 5th 2013
Affan Thank you everyone! Affan
Oct 5th 2013
eesha A very amazing story......i wish vshine would start publishing stuff more quickly cuz I CANT W8 FOR NEXT PT TO CUM!!!!!!! Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Ajwa THATS a story???!??!?!??!!! Ajwa
Oct 5th 2013
sarah Soooo good but affan plz try to use the name of some Muslims because the euoropians represent their culture and we asians represent our culture. but other wise this is the best story ;) Sarah
Oct 4th 2013
Affan I already sent part 2 Affan
Oct 4th 2013
Rafia Thatz nycy :)) Rafia
Oct 4th 2013
Affan Comments Affan
Oct 3rd 2013
Affan Sorry there are mistakes go on my joke on 1st page you will find why in comments Affan
Oct 2nd 2013

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