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Ajwa Arsalan
Ajwa Arsalan
Apsacs Nfrd
Published On Oct 10th 2013
Total Comments : 82
Total Views :  19957
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October 2013

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Comments 82
Noorul EID MUBARRAK TO YOU ALL !!! AND NICE DRAWING :))))))))))))))))))))))) Noorul
Oct 3rd 2014
qurratul I love it...........!!! Qurratul
Jul 10th 2014
Ajwa @saman.....where...@ayesha imran...thanku fr ur co-operation .....@ayesha lakho....that wasnt fr u n by the way i didnt even understand ur illogical question!!!!!!!!! Ajwa
Apr 18th 2014
saman @ajwa what have happened to tooba she is saying bad words about me and you we should stop her until a fight is mde Saman
Apr 11th 2014
Rihab Good drawing Rihab
Mar 24th 2014
 Shiza Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shiza
Mar 15th 2014
Irum How can I get lost? You're always following me!And how can I get lost in a place I'm already in? Please explain. Irum
Feb 12th 2014
Asiya Okay, I will. Asiya
Feb 12th 2014
ajwa From where did u come ayesha???????? Omg u ppl r so getting on my nerves....can u just get lost?? Ajwa
Feb 8th 2014
Asiya Uhh... Sure, right whatever! Asiya
Feb 5th 2014
ajwa I was off bcz im not allowed to use internet frequently..........n u are IGNORED!!!!!! Ajwa
Feb 4th 2014
Irum @Ajwa(This comment is the reply to the comment you left on my article:'Friendship:The World's Most Strong Relationship')Ajwa, I think that this is all a hoax by you..'Hacking on VShine' is true. It happens.However,YOU did all this because you are attention seeking. You've been off VShine for very long, so you wanted attention, and you did this. Well, we aren't intimidated by you or your childish attention seeking Irum
Jan 26th 2014
Huzaifa Congratz to be the winner. Huzaifa
Jan 19th 2014
Maryam Q Lahore mein school se chuti ni hui. I mean vacations Maryam
Jan 12th 2014
hibba Lol same here maryam im also ENJOYING the lazy winter school Hibba
Jan 10th 2014
Maryam Enjoy lazy winter vacations n i'm enjoying lazy winter school. at least u got vacations! Maryam
Jan 9th 2014
hibba Congratzzz soo got the gift hamper ?? Hibba
Jan 8th 2014
ajwa Not much maryam.....laZy winter vacation....U??? Ajwa
Dec 26th 2013
Maryam So whats up???? Maryam
Dec 23rd 2013
Maryam Good at least you celebrate it. Maryam
Dec 12th 2013
aeman Its a good drawing. congrats Aeman
Dec 8th 2013
Ajwa Sarah i got it on 3rd or 4th dec....abid it was stationery of the cheapEST quality................dua n samia thanxX so0 much !!!!!! ..........marayam, yeah i did celebrate it by doing nothing..... :).....just sat on my bed n stared at the certificate fr 4 hours in amaZment !!!! :) Ajwa
Dec 7th 2013
Abid Hey winner what was gift hammper Abid
Dec 4th 2013
abeera I love it.Congratulations dear! Abeera
Dec 4th 2013
sarah Hey u got ur gift hamper yet ????? Sarah
Dec 1st 2013
Samia CONGRATS Samia
Dec 1st 2013
Maryam I mean you are not celebrating it. aap celebrate nahi karo gi....! Maryam
Nov 24th 2013
ajwa Me too,selina....i dont think that its good....!!!!!! really! Ajwa
Nov 23rd 2013
selina I don't think it's really good but still don't mind,congrats! Selina
Nov 23rd 2013
Ajwa I dont get u maryam....n thanx alot khadija..n im glad to see that ur glad amn!!^_^ Ajwa
Nov 22nd 2013
Khadija U R GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadija
Nov 18th 2013
KHAN ^_^ Khan
Nov 16th 2013
Maryam You are not going to celebrate it. Maryam
Nov 14th 2013
Ajwa ThankU isha,bushra n zoya!!!:)) Ajwa
Nov 11th 2013
zoya Congratulations!!!!:);) Zoya
Nov 9th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Cngrtzzzzzzzzzzzz Bushra Hafeez
Nov 8th 2013
Amna Congrats darling! Amna
Nov 8th 2013
ajwa It needz alotta i havent got the hamper......thanX tOoba!, Ajwa
Nov 7th 2013
Tooba Nice one :) Tooba
Nov 7th 2013
Irum Needs improvement, but its nice.........:)))))) keep it up, and maybe one day you'll make an awesome painting!!!!! Irum
Nov 7th 2013
sarah Nice have u got the gift hamp yet?????? Sarah
Nov 5th 2013
Hiba Luv u to Ajwa :* <33 Hiba
Nov 4th 2013
Arwa Nyccc and comgratzzz Arwa
Nov 3rd 2013
Maryam Congratulations dear Ajwa i'm so happy for u and you really deserve to win...... :):) Maryam
Nov 3rd 2013
ajwa Thnku soo very much areeba......!!!!!!!!!!!! Ajwa
Nov 3rd 2013
Areeba Congratz ajwa :) Areeba
Nov 3rd 2013
Gul Noor CoNgRAtzzZzZZ;) Gul Noor
Nov 3rd 2013
ajwa Thankuuuuuu so so so so much hiba and bushra ..thanx sooo much :* luv u ! Ajwa
Nov 3rd 2013
Bushra Super artist you are great at drawing and nothing is wrong wid the sun Bushra
Nov 2nd 2013
Hiba Congratz Ajwa so happy to know that u are the winner. great work Hiba
Nov 2nd 2013
ajwa Im in i dont know about grade 4 Ajwa
Nov 2nd 2013
ajwa Omg...i won....i cant beleive it...seriously......couldnt they chooze smthing i cant beleive it... Ajwa
Nov 2nd 2013
sana Ok and tell me one thing that does dua khalid of 4 class study in your school she was posted to rawalpindi Sana
Nov 1st 2013
Iraj Awsome Iraj
Oct 28th 2013
ajwa Its made on ms paint....sana Ajwa
Oct 25th 2013
sana You made it on paint program or at yr home ? Sana
Oct 25th 2013
Ajwa Thanx minahil,affan, Ajwa
Oct 17th 2013
Ajwa Yeah zainab .. i do ! Ajwa
Oct 17th 2013
Zainab So ajwa u have 2 prfiles? i checked both and the names were same Zainab
Oct 17th 2013
minahil Nice drawing Minahil
Oct 17th 2013
ajwa Thanxx soo much hiba !!!! this shows that ur a real frnd !!!!! Ajwa
Oct 16th 2013
ajwa E!D MUBARAK !!!!!!! Ajwa
Oct 16th 2013
Hiba And my dear ajwa, its my duty to help others. oh and check my screen , u will see ur name there as my best friend:) Hiba
Oct 13th 2013
ajwa Aun !!! just go to ur page !!! other ppl ... you go too!!!........………………oh hiba!!!...u r soooo niice!! lets see....well....i say yes cuzz .... i need all the help i can get!!! but plzz dont tell anyone on v shine.....i dont want it in public!..ok?( i cant beleive it! smone is finally helping me out!) Ajwa
Oct 12th 2013
Hiba Nice my dear ajwa, can I email u as well ? Hiba
Oct 12th 2013
S.M. I am not a cheater it is my own creation. u ate the world biggest fighter S.m.
Oct 11th 2013
ajwa Thanxx!! Ajwa
Oct 11th 2013
suhaib Awesome Suhaib
Oct 10th 2013
ajwa No but its going to!:) Ajwa
Oct 8th 2013
Azka Is it raining? Azka
Oct 8th 2013
Gul Noor Duh...clouds infront of d sun.besides there is no such thing as dark wite and clouds r always white.i think its lovely. Gul Noor
Oct 6th 2013
Affan The sun look like a pacman make the clouds more darker Affan
Oct 5th 2013
Affan The sun look like a pacman make the clouds more darker Affan
Oct 5th 2013
ajwa Its gr88....guyzz its me the same ajwa....I just made 2 accounts!!! Ajwa
Oct 5th 2013
ajwa Its gr88....guyzz its me the same ajwa....I just made 2 accounts!!! Ajwa
Oct 5th 2013
Gul Noor Dont c any thing wrong wid it affan............ Gul Noor
Oct 5th 2013
Ajwa Duh...lookin' at it..!!! Ajwa
Oct 5th 2013
Affan Just look at it Affan
Oct 4th 2013
Ajwa Yeah..!!! Ajwa
Oct 4th 2013
Maryam WOW! have u drawn it on ms paint Maryam
Oct 3rd 2013
Ajwa Whats wrong with the sun???? Ajwa
Oct 3rd 2013
Affan Fabulous but the sun Affan
Oct 2nd 2013

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