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Amna Shahid
Amna Shahid
Beaconhouse School System
Scary School Subjects
Published On Sep 29th 2013
Total Comments : 39
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Let me tell you some facts
About our school subjects
The Horrible subject Is History
The hardest is Geography
Mathematics always makes Me ill
Its inventor I would Like to KILL
Science for Me Is A Treat
English literature I Love To Read
So Work very and Try To stay Cool
Or These subjects will turn You into A Fool!
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Comments 39
abeera Hey isha you okay??? Abeera
Feb 17th 2015
abeera No i have not and i have no intentions to Abeera
Jul 1st 2014
abeera Dont feel bad but STOP WRITTING SILLY THINGS ON MY PAGE!!! Abeera
May 16th 2014
Amna Hi darling! Finalky You Singed In! Really Happy :-)%u2661%u2665 Amna
May 4th 2014
abeera Hi isha! free finally! Abeera
May 2nd 2014
Amna Sure Dui! Amna
Feb 7th 2014
Amna Sure Dui! Amna
Feb 7th 2014
abeera Ha ha very funny ishi Abeera
Feb 4th 2014
Amna It is darling :-) Amna
Feb 1st 2014
manal If its ur own creation then itS FANTASTIC!!!! Manal
Jan 30th 2014
Amna I can't. Amna
Jan 25th 2014
Amna Excuse me miss its not isha!;-) Amna
Jan 24th 2014
abeera If u r not isha then plz stay away frm me Abeera
Jan 24th 2014
abeera Isha? is that u? Abeera
Jan 20th 2014
Amna 'Cmon Dui. They arent So Silly B-)* Amna
Jan 14th 2014
abeera Isha please stop writing silly things on my page. ;) Abeera
Jan 14th 2014
hibba Hahaahha nice Hibba
Jan 5th 2014
nazish Nyc 1. Nazish
Nov 30th 2013
Ghanniah CongraT$ Sis Y3w Rock3D :) Ghanniah
Nov 15th 2013
abeera ISHA......I need a little space from you for sometime....okay? Abeera
Nov 10th 2013
Amna Thanks Dui Vvvvvvvvvvvvmuch!!!!! Amna
Nov 8th 2013
abeera Isha! I saw your poem in the magazine.Congratulations girl! Abeera
Nov 7th 2013
Amna Thanks! Amna
Nov 2nd 2013
S.M. Wonderful!true S.m.
Nov 1st 2013
Ajwa Its funny!! Ajwa
Oct 20th 2013
manal Isha plzz comment on my stuff tooo Manal
Oct 19th 2013
Amna Hey why not ghania afyer all u r my cousin! Amna
Oct 16th 2013
Ghanniah Hi Isha plz req accept! Ghanniah
Oct 15th 2013
Amna Naughty dua! ! Amna
Oct 13th 2013
abeera Isha, it suits you perfectly. but what about MATHS??? Abeera
Oct 13th 2013
abeera Isha, it suits you perfectly. but what about MATHS??? Abeera
Oct 13th 2013
Amna Thanks manal it's nice to see u commenting. Amna
Oct 12th 2013
manal Really nice...... Manal
Oct 12th 2013
Amna 'Cmon people like this its my very own! Amna
Oct 11th 2013
Amna Thanks Shumaila Amna
Oct 11th 2013
shumila Oh such a cute poem :-) Shumila
Oct 9th 2013
Abeer Hey! Abeer
Oct 8th 2013
Amna Khush! Amna
Oct 5th 2013
Areeba I really love ur work dear! Can u please accept my friend request honey! Please my dear! :) Areeba
Oct 3rd 2013

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