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Sofia Ahmad
Sofia Ahmad
The Educators
Dark Night Arriving
Published On Sep 29th 2013
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Never knew the world will turn out so bad,
Never knew I will be this much sad,
In a sudden the world has faded,
Where have all the colours gone?
After a bright day,
A dark night is conquering on,
Like the sun has somehow blenched,
Falling forward is the black veil,
Even beetles have gone still,
The birds are motionless,
And the flowers are bare,
There is life around me but,
The creator had his doors shut,
Never knew the world will turn out so bad,
Never knew I will be this much sad,
To me now life is just a misery,
And this world just an unsolved mystery,
Life is just like a ticking clock,
With an unchargable capacitor,
Death at the end wears a cloak,
No one is the body's abettor,
Chill runs throughout the body,
When a corpus is about to be laid,
Never knew the world will turn out so bad,
Never knew I will be this much sad.
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Comments 19
sajahir Not much good Sajahir
Mar 13th 2017
abeera Your SISTER has GOOD vocabulary but the world is not so dark if u look at the bright side....... Abeera
Mar 7th 2015
mubashra Well written+true :) Mubashra
Feb 27th 2015
Samia Nice Samia
May 14th 2014
Ghazal Firdous I liked it!!! <3 Ghazal Firdous
May 10th 2014
sofia Thank u all guyz umm my sister actually wrote this poem before i switched accounts with her. Sofia
May 9th 2014
Ashra V.v.v.v.v.v bad Ashra
Apr 27th 2014
Munkashay COOOOOOOL! Munkashay
Mar 23rd 2014
almeerah Nice i liked it Almeerah
Mar 4th 2014
RAFIA Sofia , i yor poem is pretter good... have you listen the song of movie .. frozen . let it go . i love this song . just listen it again........................... Rafia
Mar 3rd 2014
mahrukh Dont like it Mahrukh
Feb 14th 2014
hibba Hay its gud sofia u live in taxila... me wah cantt :)) keep it up!!! Hibba
Jan 7th 2014
sofia I do not know Sofia
Oct 7th 2013
shumila Good!! Shumila
Oct 4th 2013
Affan Acha hain Affan
Oct 3rd 2013
sarah Yeah they didnt maha and sarah where do you live? Sarah
Sep 30th 2013
sofia Yeah thats true sure guyz u rock Sofia
Sep 30th 2013
sarah Dark and sad yes makes me shiver so u didnt got the grade u must have had but good luck :) Sarah
Sep 30th 2013
maha Wow sad , dark and wow they didn't gave you the grade you needed didn't they:( Maha
Sep 30th 2013

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