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Usman Rehan
Usman Rehan
Springfield School
The Mystery Of The Museum
Published On Sep 29th 2013
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Detective Ronald was sitting in his bedroom when he suddenly glanced at the evening newspaper. What he saw in the newspaper, gave him a shock.
The big headline said “valuable things stolen from the museum, Ancient bones disappeared in the night”
As soon as Ronald saw this, immediately telephoned his two detective friends sir roger and peter. He told them to come to his office as soon as possible. After a while the two men came. Ronald showed them newspaper, they too were also very shocked that how could anyone steal such valuable things in the night.
Well, the three men went to the museum to investigate. The owner of the museum’s name was Robert. Many police had investigated the museum but could not find anything. Robert himself was very worried and begged Ronald to find the thief. Ronald and his men also investigated the museum five times but could not find anything. There was a victim found (he was a guard) the guard was questioned by many police officers but was unable to tell anything. He only said “That it was middle of the night and I was having a cool drink of water when suddenly two men came in a truck. One man tied me with a rope and covered his face so he could not see anything. Other one broke the locks of the museum.”
The guard was not really hurt except had some bruises. He was also arrested by the police for some days.
Well, nothing happened for a day or two. Then on the third day the phone bell rang. It was from peter “What is it peter, why are you in such a hurry? Asked Ronald”
 “Ronald did you read the evening newspaper? Asked peter in a very alarmed tone.
“No, anything new in it, asked Ronald”
“Well there was another robbery at the museum and many more valuable items were stolen, please come to the museum as soon as possible, said Peter and now even the guard has run away.
“Oh! No! said Ronald can’t believe it, ok I am coming. Ronald nearly kicked himself for not guarding the museum and there was another robbery and the guard disappeared and now they hadn’t a clue. He was in a very bad temper.
He again searched the museum with his friend for clues this time they had a little luck, for on the floor was someone’s ID card which they later found out that it was of the guard, the address of the guard was written but was in another language which they learned was French then a very hard and busy time came for Ronald and his men. After a lot of searching, they succeeded and finally found a man who could speak both French and English. They took him to Ronald’s office and he translated the address in English. The address was “House No. 15. St. Peter Street, London.”
They went to the guard’s house and soon arrested him. First he wouldn’t tell anything. But after some time he gave the game away. He said that he had lied to him and some men had given him money to do this job. Ronald also arrested two other men. But they were too late. The men had sold all things to other countries.
There was a deep silence which was broken by the shouting of Robert (the museum owner). He was very angry with the men for selling the valuable thing and was about to hit them with a hammer when Ronald stopped him. A last, however Robert got all the money which the men got when they sold the things. Total amount was fifty millions dollars. The thieves were taken into prison and were never heard of. Ronald and his two detective friends also got an award of forty thousand dollars for solving this case.
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Comments 8
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 9th 2015
eman Borngg Eman
Jan 5th 2014
ajwa Nyc and mysterious.......eid greeeeeetingzzz!!!!!!! Ajwa
Oct 16th 2013
unaiza Good Unaiza
Oct 12th 2013
HAFSA Nyc!1 Hafsa
Oct 8th 2013
eesha Its great :)) Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Rafia Wowwwww........ nyc :) Rafia
Oct 2nd 2013
Affan Hmmm...Nyc but confusing at the end Affan
Sep 30th 2013

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