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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
Leduc Junior High
The Sheep Killer (second And Last Part)
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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George decided to call the police. The police arrived in 30 minutes. When the police met George, George told them all about the case. When they were done with the information they went to the closest village. They were investigating but suddenly a villager beside the fruit stand was so scared of the police that he ran to his small house. The police ran after him. The policeman took his gun out and shot him on the leg and ran as fast as they can. They asked him lots of questions. "Oh, now I get it." said the policeman to the other policeman. The police came back to George's farm house. They told him about what they investigated. After they told George they went to the unknown person's tent that was petting George's sheep. When they met him the police slapped him in the face. "Why did you kill the sheep!" yelled the police. "I-I-I killed the sheep because my b-b-boss gives me a lot of money to kill sh-sh-sheeps." cried the person. "Who is he?" yelled the police. "His name is A-A-And-d-der-r-rson." cried the villager. The police came back to the city and told all the other police departments to investigate about him. After 1 day, George was missing his sheep when he woke up. He told his family about the sad thing. When the police was investigating, they got a very big clue. They went into their record of thieves and they searched. They found an Anderson Santos in their record. It said that he kills sheep and he has been to jail for 2 years. The important thing about him was he always plans in a close wool factory. The police investigated about some closed factory especially factories that were closed for 3 years. 1 day later, they got to know about this factory that was a wool factory. When the police arrived there they saw Anderson Santos. They arrested Anderson Santos. They told George who did it. "Case Solved" said the police man.
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Comments 11
Affan Yeah I love cid Affan
Oct 1st 2015
Shayan Awesome!!!!!! Shayan
Aug 30th 2015
Shaheer Got that slapping idea from Daya right? CID . You look abig fan of Cid . I am too Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
 Shiza Its good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shiza
Feb 18th 2014
Mushaim Nice boy Mushaim
Oct 19th 2013
Zainab Oh wow its a great story mashallah Zainab
Oct 10th 2013
MUHAMMAD Excellent fantastic Muhammad
Sep 29th 2013
Ajwa Its nice + good Ajwa
Sep 27th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome :) Rafia
Sep 27th 2013
Affan Thx... Affan
Sep 26th 2013
Rafia OMG!!!!!!!!!! awesome :) Rafia
Sep 26th 2013

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