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Ayesha Aamir
Ayesha Aamir
Pakistan International Shool Al Jubail
Published On Sep 24th 2013
Total Comments : 32
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Comments 32
Fatima Keep it up Fatima
Jul 13th 2017
qurratul Awwwwww...THats so cutey Qurratul
May 22nd 2016
Noor Fatima Nyc...:) Noor Fatima
Apr 23rd 2015
Ayesha I dont think so. you are no doubt better than me i hate my drawing i know every one just said it is good but it is not (*_*) Ayesha
Apr 20th 2015
 яυмαιsα Its beautiful! Maybe you can be a digital artist too :) яυмαιsα
Apr 20th 2015
Ayesha Thank you so much Ayesha
Feb 20th 2015
irhum Good; Irhum
Jan 4th 2015
Ayesha Me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayesha
Oct 28th 2014
khaula V gud Ayesha Khaula
Oct 19th 2014
mubashra Aoa how r u???????? Mubashra
Oct 4th 2014
Ayesha Your welcom Ayesha
Sep 10th 2014
mubashra Beautiful well thanks for sending me frnd request :) Mubashra
Sep 6th 2014
Ayesha I really like your rose Ayesha
Jul 14th 2014
Ayesha Thank u my dear friend Ayesha
Jul 14th 2014
Noorul SUBHANALLAH !!!!!!!! Noorul
Jul 14th 2014
qurratul This drawing is very friend...!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qurratul
Jun 30th 2014
Ayesha Thank u Ayesha
Jun 28th 2014
KHAN 9.6/10 keep it up Khan
Mar 14th 2014
Ayesha Yes! but y u r asking? Ayesha
Nov 13th 2013
Maryam Ur welcome Ayesha Maryam
Nov 12th 2013
abeera Do you know the name of the colours of the rainbow? Abeera
Nov 10th 2013
Ayesha Thankyou Ayesha
Oct 11th 2013
Maryam Goody good Maryam
Oct 10th 2013
HAFSA Gooood Hafsa
Oct 8th 2013
Ayesha Thank you very much all of you Ayesha
Oct 1st 2013
Arwa Good:) Arwa
Sep 30th 2013
Ayesha Thanx Ayesha
Sep 28th 2013
Affan Well done] Affan
Sep 27th 2013
Ayesha Thankyou so much i am sending one more good thing Ayesha
Sep 25th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Sep 25th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Sep 25th 2013
Ajwa I really like it!!!!!keep it uuup!!! Ajwa
Sep 25th 2013

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