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Maryam Aamir
Maryam Aamir
Night View
Published On Sep 24th 2013
Total Comments : 32
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Comments 32
Fatima Nuc Fatima
Jul 13th 2017
Hadia* Hi Hadia*
Aug 15th 2016
Hamza Nice. Hamza
Sep 23rd 2015
Maryam Thanx i got 9.5 yeah! Maryam
May 3rd 2015
Hadia* 9.5/10 EXCELLENT MARKS Hadia*
Mar 30th 2015
Maryam Yes dear Internet can teach Magic.If we type 'Magic tricks revealed' It will give us some options, just click one and have fun. Maryam
Jun 27th 2014
qurratul How could internet teaches us MAGIC......................! Well that's nyccccccc..........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Qurratul
Jun 22nd 2014
KHAN 8.8/10 Khan
Mar 14th 2014
Hiba Welll thats a difficult question :P. how about the internet ? :p Hiba
Jan 29th 2014
Maryam Right but who will teach me? Maryam
Jan 27th 2014
Hiba I agree :p. but my mom says that we should do both , easy and difficult work :) Hiba
Jan 23rd 2014
Maryam I want to say quite difficult job Maryam
Jan 17th 2014
Maryam Quit difficult job. Maryam
Jan 13th 2014
Hiba Why dont u learn it maryam ? :p Hiba
Jan 12th 2014
Maryam I wish i could but i dont know any magic Maryam
Jan 6th 2014
Maryam I wish i could but i dont know any magic Maryam
Jan 6th 2014
Hiba Ummmmm...... thats a difficult question. maybe by magic :p Hiba
Dec 29th 2013
Maryam How????? Maryam
Dec 22nd 2013
Hiba This is soo nice . Yaar make khi like this :p Hiba
Dec 7th 2013
Maryam Those are twinkling stars like u..........! Maryam
Oct 14th 2013
Gul Noor Is it snowing? Gul Noor
Oct 14th 2013
Rafia No problem dear ... she's a mother ... she knows better :)))) Rafia
Oct 10th 2013
Maryam My mom didn't allowed me sorry dear :( :( :( Maryam
Oct 9th 2013
Rafia Ok dear :)) Rafia
Oct 7th 2013
Maryam Let me ask my mom becoz its my mom's email Maryam
Oct 4th 2013
Rafia Welcome dear :))) well, maryam can i hav ur e-mail address (if u dont mind dear) :))) Rafia
Oct 4th 2013
Maryam Thank you every one Maryam
Sep 27th 2013
Affan Awsum Affan
Sep 27th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Sep 25th 2013
Ayesha GOOD 1 I LIKE IT :) Ayesha
Sep 25th 2013
Ajwa Gud.. Ajwa
Sep 25th 2013
Rafia Very good :) Rafia
Sep 25th 2013

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