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Zainab Saleem Toor
Zainab Saleem Toor
Tns Beaconhouse
Published On Sep 24th 2013
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Comments 93
Nimra Samee here zainab.. :/ Nimra
Jul 23rd 2014
ADA Rafia api kindly plz tell me that r u well now and kindly tell me wats breast Ada
Jul 20th 2014
qurratul Luv it.......! Qurratul
Jun 28th 2014
Hiba Aww Zainab dontt leave vshinee. Hiba
Jun 4th 2014
Zainab Hiba i wont use vshine anymore, do you know if we can delete account? please tell me how. dont ask me why i am leaving. sorry hiba i will miss u. Zainab
Apr 29th 2014
Hiba Hello. where r u Zainab? u didnt since a month. every thing ok? I miss u soo much. Hiba
Apr 9th 2014
Hiba Good luck Zainab. My best wishes are with , I wish u success. Yes I am in the throw ball and basket ball team , the house and school team both and im in yellow house , what about u ? When is ur sisters birthday? How old will she turn ? Are u celebrating it? Anyways , I wish u good luck again and I hope that u win. Tell me the results as well :) Hiba
Mar 3rd 2014
Zainab Makes u aries, my sis is also aries and i am picses. BTW no records again. wese, can u 'good luck' me on another occasion? i am selected for intra-house handball tournament & it is tomorrow. do u have houses (teams) in ur school? if u do then which house are you in? Zainab
Mar 3rd 2014
Hiba Yes , i think it keeps on getting hacked :(. i know its late but good luck , yes i saw tht record on tv , it was just great . thanks to u , pakistan won another world record :). my birthday is on 30 march , yay all my friends were born in march :). r u breaking any more records? Hiba
Mar 2nd 2014
Zainab Again???!!! hacked???!!!..... well tomorrow i will have a school trip to the Guinea's world art class, my drawing is good... so perhaps i'll break the world record. wish me luck hiba. weather is just fine but i want it to become warmer. i am feeling very happy these days because my birthday is coming after 2 weeks on 14 march n i'll be 10. when is your birthday? Zainab
Feb 27th 2014
Hiba No, Zainab actually her old email was hacked and she didnt give me her new one . I have no clue where she is and what she is up to cause she is not using vshine. Anyways , how's school going ? Hows the weather in Lahore? When do u plan to visit Karachi ? :) Hiba
Feb 25th 2014
Zainab Yeah she's fine. but hasn't rafia been sending u any email??? maybe she is gone somewhere 4 a long time. Zainab
Feb 24th 2014
Hiba Yeah , Rafia has not usevshine since more than 2 months , i have no news about her . hows ur lil sis? :) Hiba
Feb 22nd 2014
Zainab Well tomorrow is my presentation on radio day, and i am always the one to open the presentation. well, do you know what happened to rafia these days? it seems that she isn't visiting vshine. :-( Zainab
Feb 16th 2014
Hiba Thats great Zainab. Hows life? What happening in school these days ? Hiba
Feb 15th 2014
Zainab Quite alot, i got many 3s which stands for 'objective achieved' and many 4s which stands for 'exceeding objective', and very less 2s which mean 'approaching to objective'. Zainab
Feb 14th 2014
Hiba Chalo , no problem. That's good that ur progress was good . How much was it ? :D Hiba
Jan 26th 2014
Zainab Oh and i also got my portfolio. my progress was very good Zainab
Jan 19th 2014
Zainab Yes i am enjoying winters. sorry i dont know the children in nursery Zainab
Jan 19th 2014
Hiba Thats great :). r u enjoying the winters ? do u know students from the nursery section? Hiba
Jan 12th 2014
Zainab And thank u HNY to u 2 Zainab
Jan 6th 2014
Zainab Yes i live in lahore :) Zainab
Jan 6th 2014
Hiba I was asking cause my liTtle cousin studies there . And a happy new year to u :). He just started school . Do u live in Lahore ? Hiba
Jan 1st 2014
Zainab Thats all in one building. why do you ask? :) Zainab
Dec 31st 2014
Hiba Thats grreat Zainab , can u tell me if ur school and he nursery section is just one building or 2 diffeerent school away from each other? Hiba
Dec 22nd 2013
Zainab Thanks Zainab
Dec 21st 2013
Takreem Great card B-) Takreem
Dec 20th 2013
Zainab Inshallah tomorrow or on 6 jan (end of vacation) my teacher said I did extremely good. cant wait for result. Zainab
Dec 18th 2013
Hiba Today was my last paper , im freeeeeee whrn is ur result? mine is in Jan :D Hiba
Dec 17th 2013
Zainab Mine are also on wednesday or thursday. assessments over! lets see what result i get... Zainab
Dec 16th 2013
Hiba @ Zainab , hahahahahaha good luck . my vacations start from Wednesday :P @ Rafia, Hahhahhhaha, thats great :).i even wish to go there now :p. why did nt u tell me before going? i would even had have gone with u :p. anyways no news of Afifah. i emailed her a few days ago and no reply came :(. and guess wht? me and areeba will now be living in the same house in a few months. aaaaaaaaaaaah , i cant wait :D. and we are having our exams nowadays thats why she isnt using vshine but dont worry i'll make sure that she is in contact with u :D. so whats going on these days? Hiba
Dec 13th 2013
Zainab Hello guyz! even i'm having assessments(not exam) & 2morrow is my last one. KICK OFF TO THE HOLIDAYS! Zainab
Dec 12th 2013
Rafia Not at all ashadiyah :) i didnt minded ur saying .......... well, dear i'll check it out INSHALLAH :) ok???? nd plz plz plz plz plz dont call me api honey .... i am just 13 ..... :) Rafia
Dec 10th 2013
Ashadiya Rafia api, it also happened w8 me once nd u know who was the hacker??? my bff :( check it out cuz itz someone who knows u much so he/she is constantly guessing ur password ...... sooorrryyy if u minded my interruption .... Ashadiya
Dec 10th 2013
Hiba Hahhahhhaha, thats great :).i even wish to go there now :p. why did nt u tell me before going? i would even had have gone with u :p. anyways no news of Afifah. i emailed her a few days ago and no reply came :(. and guess wht? me and areeba will now be living in the same house in a few months. aaaaaaaaaaaah , i cant wait :D. and we are having our exams nowadays thats why she isnt using vshine but dont worry i'll make sure that she is in contact with u :D. so whats going on these days? Hiba
Dec 10th 2013
Rafia Dear i am tired of my id being hacked ... (remaining info. is on my article QURAN) ... well, i did enjoyed in london but was missing PAKISTAN very much ... :))) the big ben was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tall ...... my neck was aching too much that i cant describe ... river thames was soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful at night that i cant tell ...well there i saw one place (dont remeber the name) where criminals hung sort of a punishment area 4 criminals .... the food wasn't nyc but my cousin's family made pakistani food for us ..... i did enjoyed a bit ..... theres much more to tell u which i'll tell u on mail :))))))))))) what about areeba nd afifah????????? plz if u r in contact w8 afifah than tell her to wait for my id plz plz! dying without her .... Rafia
Dec 9th 2013
Hiba Well Rafia , ignore my previous comment and yaaar give me ur new email address. I really wanna talk to u privately . It's been ages since we didn't talk privately . And how was ur trip? What did u do in London ? And join me and Maryam on yr poem sunrise. So what's going on these days?? Hiba
Dec 7th 2013
Hiba My dear Rafia , I will always remember u in my prayers and yes I do pray for my sister after every prayer.. And for the fasts u left in Ramadan , pay some money to the poor as food for 2 days. And my dear dont say like that , I was crying for I after I read that. And how did u get breast cancer ? It's in old women mostly . And I hope that it's on it's initial stages so u can cure it :) Hiba
Dec 6th 2013
Rafia WELL! WELL! give me a break plz ..... that's not me at all!!! ALLAH na kare k mujhe cancer ho!! don't know who is this person ... sorry for the misunderstanding my frnds ... it's right that i was in the hospital but i was with my cousin, Hiba Arsalan, who had been blessed with twins ... here totally a new story has began! nd the reason for not replying for sooo many days was that i was in London, not here! i am sorry for all this .... Rafia
Dec 6th 2013
Rafia Hiba, it's breast cancer ..... nd i got to know about it cuz of my continous illness .... u remeber when i told u about my flu, stomach ache, head ache etc ... so after a blood test, i got to know about it ... I AM REALLY SURPRISED nd i am crying constantly as this is unexpected ... i always tries to control my tears but my eyes arent able to fight them back ..... i don't know how many seconds of life are waiting for me ............. i am not prepared to face ALLAH SWT ......... this time i also didnt did fast in RAMADAN nd yesterday, i forgot to pray kazaa namaaz of fajr nd tahajjed ...... plz pray for me hiba ... plz plz plz yar!!! Rafia
Dec 6th 2013
Hiba Yes my dear , I an surely praying for u and will continue to in the future IA. I hope u get well soon . So which cancer is it? And what stage are u on? How did u get to know ??? Hiba
Dec 6th 2013
Rafia Hiba, my dear plz pray ... don't get worried or nervous ...u know whatever heppens si it's planned by ALLAH SWT before we know.... it'z cancer!!! Rafia
Dec 5th 2013
Hiba Ok Zainab and @Rafia, I pray for u al the time. what happened to u? why were u in hospital? which disease is it? im so worried. Hiba
Dec 5th 2013
Rafia I am very sorry my frnds but, i was admitted in the hospitals for past few weeks and wasn't able to contact u :( plzzzzzzz pray for me I am having a terrible disease which i never even imagined in my dream ................ Rafia
Dec 4th 2013
Zainab Dont know hiba dear, maybe she is getting busy in studies. Zainab
Dec 3rd 2013
Hiba @Zainab , where is Rafia these days ?? She is not using vshine anymore . So worried . Hiba
Nov 28th 2013
Zainab May Allah keep u safe at all times (ameen) Zainab
Nov 27th 2013
Zainab Thank god rafia ur back, i was so worried about you. i wasnt there on vshine and u dont know how happy i am. shukar hai wo fatima to chali gayi Zainab
Nov 26th 2013
Hiba Congratz Rafia dear and that's soooooooooooooooooo sweet of u . never have a had a friend like u , I mean that u are just simply amazing . love u like anything my dear. I cant believe it, my sister is soooooooooooooooooooooo nice. I had tears in my eyes when I read this. Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear. :) u have left me speechless. no words to thank u dear. Hiba
Nov 18th 2013
Rafia Hey hiba! i got full marks in my test nd when my parents asked me for the gift i told them to keep me in contact w8 u :)))))) my father has told me to make a new id so i'll giv u that very soon :)))) Rafia
Nov 18th 2013
Hiba I know that u cant dis obey ur parents , I understand that but can u use Rabia's email to mail me the profile pic and Manal's email address , pleaseee my dear, that's a request from ur sister. :) Hiba
Nov 17th 2013
Rafia my dear that itz the same w8 me ... but, what can i d0??? u kn0w the hacker's mails are c0ming to me c0nstantly nd the hacker is soo0000 clever that i can't tell u how the hacker got my e-mail address .... em soo00 w0orrrried :(( that was the reason that i was asking ur's ph0ne n0. .. i can't disobey my parents honey ... ri8??? so00ooorrry dear .. Rafia
Nov 17th 2013
Nov 17th 2013
Hiba I understand my dear but I want to talk to my sister privately and not publically :(( Hiba
Nov 16th 2013
Rafia Em soooooooo sorry dear but i am not allow to use my mail now .. u know the reason about the *comments* :( Rafia
Nov 15th 2013
Hiba Rafia why didn't u email me for 2 days?? I am soooooooooo worried for u dear . I am even waiting for ur reply honey :))))). please reply dear. Hiba
Nov 9th 2013
Rafia Same here my dear :))) Rafia
Nov 6th 2013
Hiba Thank God i got ur reply and i even emailed u again. and its a pleasure emailing u :)))))))) Hiba
Nov 6th 2013
Rafia Ok! i will reply u abhi :):):) Rafia
Nov 5th 2013
Hiba That's a great news my dear , em just about to email u . I will email u abhi IA and please reply my sister . Hiba
Nov 4th 2013
Rafia OFCOURSE it will help me dear :):) nd dear hiba ... u can now mail me at my very own mail .. i'll reply u :):) i have also replied afifah nd areeba :))) Rafia
Nov 4th 2013
Hiba That's great that u write ur own diary. I am sorry I wasn't home at all day . I am so sorry. can u email me from Rabia's email? please. please, please, please *1000000000000000. oh on that poem just commnent about ur account being hacked and just apologize. its nothing to emabressing or bad. love u dear and hope that this helps. Hiba
Nov 2nd 2013
Rafia Same here dear :)) u know usually i dont write much in my daily/secret diary but in those days my diary was almost full ... mostly with the line "HOW WILL B MY FRNDS... WHAT THEY WILL BE THINKING OF ME FOR NOT REPLYING " nd much more ... those worried thoughts continued in my mind ....... but atlast my ALLAH helped me ... ALHAMDULILLAH ... i am really thankful to HIM... Well dear i didnt got ur mail honey :( i tried to mail u but dont know why my mail wasnt sending!!??!! .. hiba i want ur help for one thing dear .... plz plz plz see the comments on hamza haseeb poem ... i didnt sent them!! SERIOUSLY!! plz help me yar..... Rafia
Nov 2nd 2013
Hiba I can be called the happiest person alive for u being back. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worried for u. Hiba
Nov 1st 2013
Rafia I am more happy than u dear :)))) nd i love u the most :)) Rafia
Oct 31st 2013
Hiba Love u even more Rafia and I am so happy that u are back :) Hiba
Oct 29th 2013
Rafia OH! my dear i am so lucky that i am blessed indeed with such a friend :))))) ur words just healed my heart :) u all frnds were a gr8 support for me against fatimah ..... thnx to all my sweet sisters :) love u all ... :) Rafia
Oct 28th 2013
Hiba Really Rafia is that u or Fatimah the hacker? I feel so bad for the real Rafia. I literally cry when I think of how ur life is going, the real Rafia Hiba
Oct 26th 2013
Rafia Well dear hiba em Rafia here ... yep! em back ... i'll tell u everything but plz mail me . .... i'll reply u there honey! em sooo SOrrrrRRRy for all that mess by the hacker ... i am feeling really bad ... plz mail me em dying to read it .. Rafia
Oct 24th 2013
Rafia Well dear hiba em Rafia here ... yep! em back ... i'll tell u everything but plz mail me . .... i'll reply u there honey! em sooo SOrrrrRRRy for all that mess by the hacker ... i am feeling really bad ... plz mail me em dying to read it .. Rafia
Oct 24th 2013
Oct 22nd 2013
Rafia U r more sweet than that honey! nd HIBA who told u that i hacked RAFIA'S ID? Rafia
Oct 21st 2013
Hiba Love u to Zainab and yes my dear , u are to sweet. oh and rafia's vshine account is hacked. her sister told me on email. so be careful. Hiba
Oct 19th 2013
Zainab Thank uuu! am i really that sweet? :) Zainab
Oct 17th 2013
Rafia Zainab u r sooo sweet :))) Rafia
Oct 15th 2013
Zainab Ok hiba thank u dear :) love u Zainab
Oct 13th 2013
Hiba My dear Zainab, go on and first click on logos then some of the designs will come and click on the one u like and type ur name and it will come Hiba
Oct 12th 2013
Zainab As i said i love u more:) :D Zainab
Oct 10th 2013
Zainab Oh really? i'll check Zainab
Oct 10th 2013
Rafia Ooo000!! my dear i love u morely more :))))))) Rafia
Oct 10th 2013
Azka Dear zainab ...exellent job.i want to tell u that 1st open google images and write ur name there...see if it comes..i searched ur name and there i found a 2 - 3 pics Azka
Oct 9th 2013
Nimra U welcum dear zainab.. :)) Nimra
Oct 9th 2013
Zainab Hey hiba how did you make that profile pic? Zainab
Oct 8th 2013
Zainab Thaaaank uuuuuuu! love you all very very much Zainab
Oct 8th 2013
Areeba Zainab dear, Your work is amazing! Please accept my friend request honey as I would love to ba friends wiith Yoou :) Areeba
Oct 3rd 2013
Nimra Gudd one dear keep it up.. :)) well i wants 2 be ur friend can u send me a request hope we will be best friends.. :) becuz every one of ur age likes me here very much.. :) Nimra
Oct 2nd 2013
Hiba Beautiful work. Hiba
Oct 2nd 2013
Rafia O0000!!!!!! shoooooo shweeeeeet Zainab :) Rafia
Sep 29th 2013
Zainab Um excuse me guys... that is just a drawing that i made on the computer to post on vshine. I consider it as a drawing for all you (leave out the "Sorry" title on the top) Zainab
Sep 28th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Sep 25th 2013
Bismah Good well may i ask you for whom you are making this letter Bismah
Sep 25th 2013
Ajwa Whaaaat?????? Ajwa
Sep 25th 2013
Rafia Thats soooo nice :) to whom u r gonna giv that???? :) Rafia
Sep 25th 2013

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