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Areej Fatima
Areej Fatima
Qiadat Group Of Schools Miani ,sargodha
My Ambition
Published On Sep 19th 2013
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My ambition
When wishes sparkle
When desires shine
Then ambitions appear
That people aspire!
An ambition. What is an ambition? Ambition is the earnest desire, a strong determination; it’s a pearl that twinkles on blue skies. It’s a dream that sparkle in starry nights. And it’s a wish that has soothing effects that blow from a drop of rain to the depths of oceans.
An ambition is actually an interest aim that people usually aspire for some kind of attainment or achievement.
Different People have Different ambitions. Some are inspired by popularity, name or fame. Some go to collect money, wealth.
Some are fond of Calligraphy, painting, art etc. Some have passion for Bank-management or accounting etc and yet there are people that go to serve humanity.
A person without an ambition is like Boat without Rudders. This means he can't Cross the Troublesome sea, full of afflicts and pains .He can never ever touch the harbour. And if he attempts to cross the sea without having a plan, a goal, an aim, He would be drowned soon. He can't accomplish the journey of life and can’t reach his destination.
Although: The Life Goes On: but there is always a destination, an ending point.
No doubt we are travelers and we have to travel a lot but along with the remembrance of this Journey, we should have the awareness of a destination, of a reaching point, whose pathway is our own ambition, our own determination, our own mission. Our ambition that carry us forward against all obstacles and Hurdles Our Glories, Our victories, Our winnings all are dependent on our ambitions And if we look into the history, We'd see a lot of aims that enlightened our Lanterns, we'd see a lot of missions that decorated our garden, we'd see a lot of passions that gave us identity and we'd see a lot of ambitions that made our streets, our roofs, our floors and that made our Homes!
My ambition, my passion, my mission, my determination, is to be a doctor..
I want to heal the wounds. I want to cure others. My aim is to serve my nation. I’ll provide them best Hygiene facilities. I'll treat them, I'll heal them. I feel much blessed to have such an awesome ambition that not only fulfill my needs, but it also provide hope, help and peace to my country.
My ambition is not at all to collect wealth, money; rather I aim to put a well appeared, reality cover over my patriotic Thoughts, over my Patriotic character.
To have a stethoscope over my white coat and to hold sphygmomanometer’s watch is my biggest wish, my earnest desire. I know a lot of HARD-WORK and EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS is needed to reach my target. I pray to ALLAH, to give me what I seek, I pray to him to give me will so I could see my way.
Like high-ranking archangels,
Like ministering angels
I want to be a doctor
Like succeeding leaders!
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Comments 8
Nov 7th 2013
Areej Thankyou shumaila Areej
Oct 17th 2013
shumila Very nice!! Shumila
Oct 10th 2013
Areej Thanksh rafia :* Areej
Oct 4th 2013
Rafia Lovely :)))) Rafia
Sep 24th 2013
Sidra Nyce Sidra
Sep 22nd 2013
Areej :-) Areej
Sep 20th 2013
Irum Great! Irum
Sep 20th 2013

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