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Bushra Hafeez Dayo
Bushra Hafeez Dayo
Roshan Tara Model Higher Secondary School, Ghotki
A Great Surprise
Published On Sep 24th 2013
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“MOM! This is really yummy. You have made brilliant Pasta” said Yumna happily. It was a pleasant evening on 1st August in vacations & Yumna was studying in her room. She had a very short family, Her parents and her only one elder  brother named  Johum who was  was studying in the IBA institute for BBA degree. Yumna’s father was at his duty & she was with her mother in the home.. Her mother said to her,”Yumna, I am going to Malina’s home to give them this Pasta dish. You stay here.”Malina was Yumna’s  best friend. “Okay”, replied Yumna. Suddenly she saw her mother coming with a lot of tension.Yumna: “Whats wrong MOM?” “Yumna, Malina is very ill. There is only her grany in the home. They can’t leave their home empty, so I am taking her to the hospital.” “May I also…” askedYumna. “No”, replied her mother. Yumna: “But MOM she is my best…” MOM: “I know dear but your father would be coming soon. So you stay here & don’t try to leave the home even for a while!” “Okay” agreed Yumna.
When she went, Yumna felt awkward as she was alone so she tried to make herself busy so she went to read stories. After an hour she heard a sound as a window opened. But she ignored and again tried to make herself busy. Then she watched the movie “Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief” in the Hall. While watching she shocked. Her heartbeat became so fast. Her hands were trembling due to fear. She became afraid because she heard a sound from her room.
Now we are moving back. Actually It was Yumna’s birthday so her mother and Malina planned for a birthday surprise. Malinawasn’t ill but Yumna’s mother was acting before her so that they could go to market for shopping of Yumna’s birthday. She also contacted with her husband & son by phone & said them to go to Malina’s home.
When mother & Malina reached home, they thought for an amazing surprise. The sound which Yumna had heard once, was of opening window because Malina was entering Yumna’s room by window for decorating it. When everything was done, Malinacalled Yumna’s family by saying, “Please you all, enter from this window quietly”. That evening Yumna’s brother also had come. Now everyone had entered the room & Malina made a small knock at the room door. That’s why Yumna was puzzled. She stepped forward to her room to check who was there. As she opened the door, “Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday DearYumna, Happy Birthday To You” everyone shouted & sang this little birthday song. she was really amazed & surprised to see everyone in her room. “O My Goodness! Its my birthday today? What a great surprise! & Malina, you also here?  Thankyousoooo much all” ,said Yumna surprisely.
Mother: “Its my & Malina’s plan for you dear & Malina wasn’t ill but we both went for shopping. Did you like this Yumna?” “O My God MOM I don’t believe it & I not only like it but love it” saidYumna. She kissed her MOM lovely & gave a tight huggy toMalina. She became very happy to see all the decorations & delicious cake. She cut & enjoyed the yummy cake. She opened all the gifts. As Malina knew that Yumna was fond of chocolates and colors so she bought many chocolates & watercolors forYumna. Her mother bought a beautiful dress for Yumna. Her brother bought a cute looking watch & father bought a diary for her. She became very happy & had no words to say except “Thankyou”. It became her life’s memorable and the happiest day so she named it “A Great Surprise By A Best Mother & A Best Friend”.
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Comments 16
Musfira LOVE IT Musfira
Jul 21st 2016
Taj Hi Taj
Oct 11th 2014
Tooba Awesome Tooba
May 24th 2014
Bushra Hafeez 24th Bushra Hafeez
Jan 24th 2014
hibba Okay if u say so i will wish u first wht date of june by the way??? Hibba
Jan 18th 2014
Bushra Hafeez Ohhhhhhhh happpy brthday in advance Hibba but it is so far :D well mine is in june so u hav 2 wish me 1st........... :P hehehhe :) Bushra Hafeez
Jan 17th 2014
hibba Hay its my bday on 1st august!!! Hibba
Jan 13th 2014
Bushra Hafeez Thnxxxxx Bushra Hafeez
Oct 15th 2013
eesha OOOOOSUUUMMM.........<3 it :)))))))))))))))) Eesha
Oct 12th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Thnku s0o much alllllllll Bushra Hafeez
Sep 29th 2013
Ajwa Its awesome.....<3 it...!!!! Ajwa
Sep 27th 2013
Rafia ur welcome my dear !!!!!! nd it just took few minutes to read :) however i should thank you for submitting such a wonderful story ....... :):):) Rafia
Sep 27th 2013
Anam Soooo great Anam
Sep 26th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Thnkuouuuuuuuuuuu dear and thnx also Vshine nd thnx again rafia cox thx is too long story nd u read it em asure th8 it would have taken alot time to be read................ :) Bushra Hafeez
Sep 26th 2013
Rafia Wow yar! see now ur stuff got published CONGO!!! .... gr8 story :) Rafia
Sep 25th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Hi guyx i know thx iz soo long story but i request u all to pleaseeeeeeeeeee read it and paasss ur precious commntsssss :) thnquou Bushra Hafeez
Sep 25th 2013

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