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Abdullah Zia
Abdullah Zia
Beaconhouse School System
Solar System
Published On Sep 11th 2013
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Our Solar System is a very small part of the universe. It contains of a star which we call the sun, eight planets orbiting around the sun, asteroid belts etc. According to scientists this whole solar system was formed when a passing star pulled some hot gasses out of sun. The gasses took approximately 400 million years to cool down and form these planets. We live in a solar system in a galaxy named Milky Way by the scientists. As a Muslim we believe in Allah and also believe that all the planets, galaxies and universe was created by Allah. Sun is located in the centre of the solar system. The planets have different orbits around the sun. In a gap between Mars and Jupiter, there are thousands of asteroids. The four smaller inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, also called the terrestrial planets. The two largest, Jupiter and Saturn are composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. At the end I would say that we should take care of our solar system as well as keep the earth maintained which could help avoid many accidents. 
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Comments 3
Fatima It's really an informative passage u hv written! Fatima
Sep 18th 2013
Irum Informative Irum
Sep 13th 2013
Rafia Well written...... :)))) Rafia
Sep 12th 2013

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