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Amna Tariq
Amna Tariq
The City School
The Beautiful Girl
Published On Sep 11th 2013
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Once in a far away kingdom, lived a girl called Sara. Sara was very nice and lived with her cruel mother and sister. Her mother always made her work, once when Sara had finished all the work her mother told her to go and get water from the well that was very far from that kingdom, Sara told her mom that she had already brought the water but her mom threw all the water and told her to get more water and clean the mess made by the water. The poor child went again to the well, when suddenly a old woman came and told Sara rudely to give her some water, sara was very nice and gave that old lady a jug full of sweet water politely , as soon as the woman drank the water she became very beautiful and young then she said that  "my name is  beauty, i test the people by becoming other people like the old lady you saw you are the only girl to pass this test so i will give you a gift that will be whenever you will speak gems will fell from your mouth" sara said her thank you and 2 gems fell from her mouth. When she came back home her mother said very badly that why was she so late? when Sara replied 4 gems fell from her mouth her mother was surprised and asked her to tell her the whole story, after Sara told her the whole story  her mother called her other daughter Aamna and made a plan to give water to that lady politely and she would also make gems and become rich. Aamna hated that plan but had to follow it so when she went to the well the fairy came that time in form of a princess and told Aamna to get some water for her aamna refused rudely so the fairly did the spell that would make aamna threw snakes from her mouth when she would speak ,when she talked snakes fell from her mouth so she left the home and hid in the dark jungle while the beautiful and nice Sara married a prince and her mother became a maid just by cheating so TIT FOR TAT
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Comments 10
Sabeen Copycat Sabeen
Nov 27th 2017
Maida Copycat Maida
Mar 20th 2016
Rihab This story seems to be plot copied from one of enid blytons books Rihab
Aug 18th 2015
eman Copied story i have the book at home the princess diaries the fairys mistake copy cat cheater Eman
Jan 3rd 2014
Anam Well it's nice..again! Anam
Sep 22nd 2013
eesha I agree w8 rafia........ Eesha
Sep 21st 2013
Irum Awesome! Irum
Sep 14th 2013
Anam Great..................I think we should all learn a lesson from this story Anam
Sep 13th 2013
Khadijah The story was great except for the part that she married the prince. Khadijah
Sep 12th 2013
Rafia Great ............... it has a very nic moral ........ :)))) Rafia
Sep 12th 2013

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