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Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Al-majd Inter National School
Be Thankful
Published On Sep 11th 2013
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She was crying and crying and crying and crying. Mariam, Mariam where are you? Her mother yelled as she entered the house. “Mariam”, she called again, but didn’t get any response from her. Now Amna Salman was curious, so she hastily ran upstairs and turned Mariam’s room’s door knob, but as usual “The Door” was locked. Now what? Amna said worriedly, she couldn’t see her beloved daughter Mariam sad. “Mariam”, Mariam dear are you there? Her mom enquired politely. No I am not, and please stop interfering in my life, if you can’t give me what I want then just go away I don’t need your fake love. Mariam screamed, and hearing her loud course noise, Ahmed also rushed toward the room. “Mom” now what is wrong with the drama queen? Ahmed said irritatingly looking at her hurt mother. “Ya Allah”, help me. Amna said in a defeated voice. Mom she does this because you gave her this much space, said Ahmed angrily, you listen to everything she says and you fulfill her every demand, now why do you expect her to just leave her to let this go. “Oh god” Amna said and tears came into her eyes, how can she and Salman not fulfill Mariam’s demands? It was not that  Mariam was her only child, or the youngest or even the eldest, then a question used to raise in everybody’s mind, why was Mariam so special for Amna and Salman?  She travelled long back into the history. Fifteen years ago. The sun shone brightly on the sky so did on the “Salman villa”. Salman Murad was a very well known business man and had a very established business and a good name in the society. He had five children lovely children and in fact every blessing of god which a man can ask for. Amna was sitting on the living room couch and reading some magazine. Two of her younger children the 11 months old Ali and the 2 year old Mariam were sitting on the floor next to her, playing with their blocks. Then she kept her magazine aside and stood up, and went to the kitchen to see what the cook was cooking today. Hajirah from her childhood have been working in other people’s house. Huge garages with shiny brand new cars, and huge houses with dashing furniture  is what she has been seeing since childhood but she knew that her dream of owning them some day would never come true so the only thing she could do was look envious at them and fulfill the orders of her masters. When she turned 18 her parents got her married to a guy who was poorer than her parents, Ismael, but unlike other guys of that community he did not used to take drugs and stuff but instead sold fruits and vegetables on the street in a   wooden cart. Hajirah was very unhappy with this wedding but she couldn’t question her parents. She didn’t work now. Her younger son was crying very much with “hunger”, but unfortunately there was nothing to eat in her house. Then suddenly a man entered her door less house or you could say a hut. “Oh sister”, I have a bad news for you. Today as usual Ismael was selling his fruits and vegetables on street that suddenly a very speedy car came and hit his cart and him, we took him to the hospital but he died, at last he said the bad news in a very slow voice. She hated Ismael but his death was such a big shock to her tears started flowing from her eyes. At least he used to earn money to feed their children and now what is she going to for her and her four children. ‘Yes’, I had to work again and that’s how she got a job at Mr. Salman Murad’s huge mansion. Amna came out of the kitchen and went to her bedroom to get money maid to send one of her maid to get groceries from the store. She was not at all worried about her children as Hajirah was there to take care of them, Hajirah was her favorite maid and she trusted her a lot. You need 35lack rupees for your sons operation, within two days, or your son will die, the hope faded from hajirah’s face, looking at the doctor she started crying. Where am I going to bring 35lacs from, she cried, I am a maid, my salary is hardly, 300 rupees. “I don’t know” that’s not my headache, the doctor replied rudely. ‘Oh my god help me’, she couldn’t ask Mr. Salman as she already took 30,000Rs from him for her sons medical checkup. The next day she went to Amna’s house she was totally exhausted. ‘Hajirah’, Amna called her as she entered the house. ‘Yes madam’, she replied. I am going to the market and will be back within 2 hours so take care of Ali and Mariam, “ok bye”. She was continuously thinking about 35lack rupees and then she heard Mariam cry. She went to her picked her up and gave her the toy which she was playing with previously. Then suddenly she got a thought. She could take Mariam, kidnap her, sell her to somebody and get the money and so she will not be caught by the police. ‘NO’, I can’t, they trust me, no, no, no! She thought how can I think like that but the doctor said  we need to operate in two days or her son would die, she didn’t know what her sons disease was but the doctor said her had something in his brain. So now her decision was made. Any ways Mariam was not the smallest child or the eldest her parents would bother so much but she forgot one thing, all children are equal to their parents. Where Hajirah and Mariam, Amna thought, Ali was was still playing with the toy when she returned back with her money but Mariam was missing. She thought maybe Hajirah went to do some of her work, but Mariam wasn’t there. Hajirah came back after 15 minutes. ‘Hajirah’ did you see Mariam? Amna asked her. No madam I didn’t see her. Maybe she is playing somewhere. ‘Six Months’ had past Mariam was still missing. Yesterday Hajirah resigned from her job and left, she said she had to go to some other city. Amna was sitting on the same couch tears were dropping continuously from her eyes. ‘Ya Allah’ where is my daughter. The most confusing thing was, that nobody had called for ransom money, so where was their daughter? Mr. Salman’s elder brother was a very high ranked police officer so he was working very hard to recover his brother’s daughter. All the family was very upset, and very praying for mariam’s safe return. At last after 2 years if hard work, Mariam was recovered but was in a very critical condition, Amna was continuously thanking god, now when they were losing hope their daughter was returned to them, Hajirah, died in a road accident an year ago, that was the news police told them, and she was behind all this, also police said and shocked Amna. Now she would never trust anybody in case of her children. That was the day after which Mariam was the most valuable possession to that house hold; any of her demand and wishes was never rejected. ‘Mariam’, guess what my dad gave me on my 18th birthday, said her best friend Ereza. ’What?’ she said in an annoyed voice. She hated surprises. “A Car”, replied Ereza enthusiastically. What a car, Great!!!  Why didn’t u bring it to school? Mariam, asked, she was greatly shocked! How can Ereza get a car before her, how?? But she asked in a calm tone. Actually my dad said no taking it to school! Replied Ereza. And that day onwards, Mariam’s new demand was getting a car. It was not hard for Salman to get her a car, but buying his aggressive daughter a car was putting her in great danger, but he couldn’t do that, How could he get Mariam a car. She was sick of everything, why can’t I have a car? She asked herself? And then she sat on the beautiful purple couch in her room. It’s been about a week she was insisting for a car but this was the first time in her whole life her demand was rejected. Her room was indeed kind of a place where anyone would want to own, but still her problem was a new car. Now she was thinking of some way to convince her parents to buy a car, so looked here and there, she saw a magazine on her dressing table. She was a 21st century child and like many wasn’t interested in reading, but the magazine?, Ya! The model on the cover was wearing very unique shoes so she picked it up, so she can buy like them. She went and picked up the magazine and just opened it. The editorial caught her eyes.
“Mariam was her parent’s loveliest daughter, her father was a poor farmer, he used to work day and night but earned very less, yet worked very hard to fulfill Mariams little demands, she loved her dad and her family and was very thankful to god, though they used to live in a made up of mud, but mariam didn’t have any problem with her life. it was June 2010, in Dadu Sindh flood warning was issued, and all the people were said to leave that place, a day before mariam demanded her dad to buy her a doll but her poor dad could not afford it, so she wasn’t speaking to her parents. Now there was an emergency in that little town, but mariam and their family still didn’t decide to leave, and that night the water came washed away their house their land and everything. 10 year old mariam was in a relief camp crying continuously, the unfortunate water has swept away all her house including her parents. Tears filled mariam’s eyes. mariam was crying and crying and crying, she wasn’t talking to her parents because they didn’t get her a doll but she lost them forever, how was mariam saved? her parents quickly took her to some nearby house that was above water level and then went to get their stuff out of the house but lost their house. today after 3 years mariam still crie, and cries and cries, she lost everything, she didn’t even spoke to her parents before they died, she was so selfish, and she just cared for herself. the entire page was filled with tears. mariam just said one thing, be thankful, everything will go, just thank god that you have a family that love you. That’s true as said. friend are friends, things are things, they come and go, their charm lasts no longer, but in the end of the day your family never leaves, they are up to your deathbed, be thankful to Allah before its to late. She closed the magazine still crying and slept. Next day she went into the class and sat quietly, she didn’t even talk to her friend, she was guilty, she only cared for herself, and she hurt a lot of people, who loved her. Today she after 8 years she opened that magazine again, and was crying continuously, she repented for what she did but still, she had to pay for actions, her daughter was the same.
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Comments 14
eesha Ur welum yamna :))))) Eesha
Sep 21st 2013
yamna Its ok khadijah n thank u so much esha!!!! Yamna
Sep 21st 2013
eesha Dont knw y bt this story brought tears to my either it is by constantly looking at the screen without blinking or ur story was truelly heart touching......... :P :P :P :P anyways it was AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eesha
Sep 20th 2013
Khadijah Sorry about that............... Khadijah
Sep 19th 2013
Ibrahim Great story Ibrahim
Sep 19th 2013
Samreen Well written by u..... Samreen
Sep 19th 2013
yamna So, long is good?? Yamna
Sep 17th 2013
Ajwa Its really long and well comprehended... Ajwa
Sep 16th 2013
Rafia No need of thnx my dear!! :) u really deserved it ... :))) Rafia
Sep 14th 2013
Irum Awesome! Irum
Sep 14th 2013
yamna And thank u rafia!!! Yamna
Sep 13th 2013
yamna 1. 10 years was a different story which she reading in a magzine, i wrote it in capital letter but it din get posted that way!!!!!, read it carefully, and mr salman is a business man, and i think there was no need to mention the names of all the siblings. Yamna
Sep 12th 2013
Khadijah The story is mixed. 1: How could an 18 year old girl be a friend of an 10 year old Mariam?.....2:How could Mr. Salman pay the Maid Hajirah when he is a farmer? You said he was a very rich business man?????? 3: Where is mariam's older brother Ahemad you mentioned in the beginning??????? Khadijah
Sep 12th 2013
Rafia Oooo0000!!!!! well written yamna :)) Rafia
Sep 12th 2013

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