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Aleena Majeed
Aleena Majeed
Kinnaird College For Women
The Last Tree Of The Forest
Published On Mar 19th 2011
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I was sitting in the shade of last tree in the forest and reading a book. It was the last tree and all the other trees had been cut and a meeting was going on in the city hall whether they should cut this tree or not. It was getting hot so I went to my house. My mother was cooking dinner for us and my father was listening to the news. Suddenly the newscaster captured my attention.
He said that “If people want to give their suggestion about it then we can vote for it.” I went to my room and opened my laptop quickly and I started voting. After that I took my dinner and went to sleep. Next day when I heard that the people had decided to save the tree, I looked at the tree from my window and I saw that a woodcutter was going to cut the tree. I ran down to stop him but it was too late. I took out my cell phone and called the police. The police arrested him and took him to the jail. I was feeling sad. Suddenly I got an idea and I went to my kitchen. I took some seeds and then dug up the soil and sowed the seeds. I was happy because I knew that if I would keep sowing seeds, replanting, then these would surely grow into forest.
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Comments 46
areeba Awesome Areeba
Jan 6th 2012
Laiba Thankx my dear frnd Aleena 4 liking my name. U also hav a nice n sweet name. Laiba
Nov 8th 2011
Aliza Amazing Aliza
Oct 23rd 2011
iman A.O.A Izza & Aleena!!!!..........Aleena nyc pic....n Izza am not allowed to upload my pic on i cant.... Iman
Aug 27th 2011
Aleena Yeah that was my pic... Why???? Aleena
Aug 26th 2011
Izza Iman! plzz....upload ur pic.......yaar..plzz.... Izza
Aug 26th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Hey guys! i have Uploaded my new info at my screen in section "About Me".You can visit my screen section "About Me" & know everything about me!!!! Thanks, Izza. Izza
Aug 26th 2011
iman A.O.A! Is this ur pic??????????????? Iman
Aug 26th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! Aleena & Iman! yes,of course iman me & aleena are & were best friends.I don't think we fighted about making your own ID, we did discussion but fight? no & no way.Iman! i thought that you are pivak! but u r iman fatima.right? & remember that everyone on VSHINE is friend! Izza
Aug 26th 2011
Izza AAleena nd imane!!!!!!!!!! u both r very nice bt plz dnt fight again..!! nd aleeena..ur pic is...? i mean u r soooooooooo beautiful nd cute!! realyy!! Izza
Aug 26th 2011
iman Yeah i fasted..... Iman
Aug 25th 2011
Aleena And are u fasting? how many fasts have u kept? Aleena
Aug 24th 2011
iman To about me u can visit my screen.Its many many about me!!! Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
Aleena I am Aleena Majeed. I read in class 9. I live in Lahore/Pakistan. I love to read books. I can't listen anyone who talks in negative of Pakistan. My favourite colour is pink. My fav. food is BIRYANI. My fav. personality is our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H).... and what else u want??? Now u explain urself... Aleena
Aug 23rd 2011
iman tell me about ur self! Iman
Aug 22nd 2011
l Aleena!You can have the answer of your question on my joke "RIDDLE" L
Aug 22nd 2011
Aleena I don't met her she meant that we shall talk on 4 march. so I talked her on 4th march.... Aleena
Aug 22nd 2011
iman A.O.A Aleen a!!! Yeah i want to be ur friend, but we can chat here regularly...okay....& yes i know that lil fights do happen...& its the sign of good friendship!!! its gud....& ans my ques that do u met her on 4th march????....REPLY EARLIER.......=) Iman
Aug 21st 2011
Aleena Yeah Iman we both chatted through mails but for some days she is quite busy in her studies so we are not yet chatting. And I would say about the fight that little fights are always there between good friends. And if you also want to be friend with me then plz tell so that I would reply you regularly! Aleena
Aug 21st 2011
Aleena REally Maham! I am now in 9th class! In which grade u are? and i think that u are a class fellow of AISHA ABDUL QUDDUS! Aleena
Aug 16th 2011
Maham Dear aleena its an excellent story. i really like it, u have a big wide world of imagination. i was wondering if u will be friends with me. i used to study in the punjab school 6 years back and i want to know in which class u r studying right now? thanks Maham
Jul 31st 2011
Aleena Thanks Magisha! Aleena
Jul 10th 2011
magisha Like it the most i have read it now i am thinking that you should be the winner of march Magisha
Jun 17th 2011
Momina Lame Momina
Jun 13th 2011
Izza A.O.A.! Aisha! actually, i have no free time these days as I am in 10th grade & it' reall very tough syllabus....everyone who is on the VSHINE site is INSHALLAH i'll talk with you in summer vacations....they are about to come...keep waiting....hope you don't mind..!! Izza
Apr 24th 2011
Aisha AOA Ezza dear plzz i want to be ur friend coz u r very nice. Aisha
Apr 21st 2011
Aleena I was just asking that how were you , after a complete study? Aleena
Apr 17th 2011
Izza Zahra! i'm in a fix also...don't mind..are you Aisha?? Izza
Apr 16th 2011
Izza Zahra! i'm in a fix also now......why are you saying me Good Job?? Izza
Apr 16th 2011
Zahra I am saying to izza my dear Zahra
Apr 15th 2011
Shonazz Hey! zahra! i'm in a whom you're saying 'good job'??? Shonazz
Apr 15th 2011
Zahra Good job!! Zahra
Apr 14th 2011
Izza @Aleena! why are you asking? Izza
Apr 13th 2011
Izza A.O.A.! Aisha! I don't make friends smaller than my age.but, hope that you don't mind. Izza
Apr 13th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! Wishing everyone the best, I would like to answer Zahra & Aisha.Thankyou Zahra! for asking me about my exams.With your dua's, my exams were superb! & Aisha! I would politely like to tell you that are welcome. Izza
Apr 13th 2011
Zahra How was your exams Zahra
Apr 13th 2011
Aisha AOA Ezza welcome back how were ur exams and plzzz I also want to be ur friend. Aisha
Apr 5th 2011
Aleena A.o.A ! Yes Izza why not we are still friendssss!!! And how are you??? And WELCOME BACK IN VSHINE!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
Apr 5th 2011
Izza A.O.A.! Dear VSHINE Admin, How can I upload my picture? Can you help me? please tell me.Should I send my picture to you? Izza
Apr 4th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Aleena! How are you? hope you are best & healthy!!!! are you still my friend??????? Izza
Apr 4th 2011
Izza A.O.A!!! Good story!!!!!...i'm saying this to the writer of this story....!!!!!! I have rejoined VSHINE.... MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!....VERY HAPPILY...........I SAY "A.O.A" TO EVERYBODY.......... NOW I'M AGAIN AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF VSHINE!!!!!!>>> Izza
Apr 4th 2011
Aleena Thank you AISHA! Aleena
Mar 23rd 2011
Aisha Nice story aleena. Aisha
Mar 23rd 2011
Aleena Thanks both of you for liking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
Mar 21st 2011
Naila NICE!!!!!!!!! Naila
Mar 21st 2011
Bint waseem Gud aleena.....keep it up! Bint Waseem
Mar 20th 2011

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